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June 6, 2010

From Susan — As Seen On….

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KnitPicks email!   My Surrounded Afghan and Laprobe Pattern was featured in their weekly email alert.  It was a nice surpise to see it.

Bonnie told me about it (I’m not on their email list ), so thanks, Bonnie, for letting me know.  It definitely resulted in a slight bump in sales, which had trickled to  v-e-r-y   s-l-o-w   after the initial release!! 

Now I can go buy a latte and a muffin! 

February 18, 2010

From Susan — The Link is Up

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my pattern.  I really treasure and appreciate the support of our readers!!  

The link to my KnitPicks pattern is up and here it is!

Surrounded Afghan and Lap Robe — KnitPicks

February 15, 2010

From Susan — Surrounded!

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Hello!  Now that I am back from the virtual dead, it’s time to post!  And I do have some news to share.

Last fall, I came up with an idea for an afghan, charity square, scarf — really anything square or rectangular — that would be edged in built-in i-cord.  Built in from start to finish, so that when the project was done, it was done.  I submitted the design to Knitty — they did not outright reject me, but rather placed me “on hold” for a possible future issue.  Okay.  I can wait (she taps toe impatiently). 

Surly suggested that I check out KnitPicks to see if they accepted design submissions, since I had used their Swish Bulky yarn for the prototype.   Talk about crazy timing!  KnitPicks had just started an Independent Designer Partnership.  And the rest as they say is history! 

Introducing my new design, the Surrounded Afghan and Lap Robe:

Surrounded Afghan in KnitPicks Swish Bulky, Color Adobo (now unavailable)

The design is available immediately on Ravelry and will be on KnitPicks by this Thursday.  If Sally and I can figure it out, it will also be available for purchase here as well.  The price?  A measley $1.99.  That’s right — not even 2 bucks!

Unfortunately, the color I used had been discontinued SO I needed to re-knit the design. I decided to make the Lap Robe in Swish Worsted so I could actually test knit both items.  They take the same amount of knitting, but the sizes are different: 30×42 inches (lap robe), 40×52 inches (afghan).

Surrounded Lap Robe in Clematis Heather Worsted

The Lap Robe would also serve as a baby blanket if the color was right…

Surrounded Baby Blanket in Bok Choy Worsted

Sally made this for her son for Christmas and served as a test knitter for me.  Yes, this is the afghan she was secretly working on!!  She could not share it at the time.  Well, her son LOVES it — he will not take it off.  Honest.  He wanders the house with his crutches and the afghan draped around him like a cape:

Isn’t he adorable?

And the other gorgeous child of my sissy, shown here “knitting” on it to “help” Sally finish:

And here is my daughter modelling the afghan:

This has really been a family affair!  We are all surrounded by Surrounded!

PS: Who is the worst sister ever? 

C’est moi!  I forgot Surly’s birthday yesterday!  Because I had already sent her present (the crocheted “sugar” bowl), I had mentally checked it as ‘done.’  Au contraire, Forgetful One!!  I am so, so sorry!  Will you forgive me??

In the spirit of not forgetting birthdays: Happy Birthday, Jena!  You are the sweetest, most beautiful 15-year-old ever!

PS2: Several of you asked to see the reverse side — it is not reversible, but this is the back of a sample I knit in Pastaza (I have not gotten my afghans back yet from KnitPicks):

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