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December 29, 2011

From Sally — Merry Christmas to Him

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Was it just last year that I designed and knit a sweater for my husband? Did that mean I was off the hook (or should I say needle?) this year?

The good news/bad news about having a blog is I can look up when I knit something instead of going by memory. In this case, I had to admit that I made that sweater for him two years ago. Despite getting new gloves in the fall, he wanted another sweater. How could I say no to someone who actually likes wearing my knitting? So, I showed him a few patterns — I wasn’t up for doing too much designing — and he chose Brooklyn Tweed’s Brownstone cardigan. He even liked the color. No decisions necessary. I went out and bought Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in the Woodsmoke colorway.

I started it a long time ago, when Christmas seemed far far away. Then I put it aside until Christmas was bearing down on me like a freight train. I did manage to finish it with time to spare, and he consented to a few photographs this morning. But just a few.

I did no real modifications, other than dropping the short rows done before joining the sweater to the arms, raising the shawl collar opening slightly, and only using one closure (because of the smaller neck opening). The toggle I used is genuine antler horn, and believe it or not I found it at Amazon. He loves it.

PS from Susan — It looks and fits great! My version of the same sweater (in color Nest) is languishing on the needles. I might get it done for the February birthday.

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