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January 21, 2007

From Susan — The Green Berets

Sally’s gorgeous Bohus was very fun to read about — it is so nice to see things actually get finished every once in a while!  I am going to have to drag out some oldies pretty soon — you know, my “head start” projects as Sally calls them.  And it obviously worked out for her with Blue Shimmer.

My knitting has been somewhat sparse the last few days, though I have been knitting a couple of Lace Tams from my Lace Tam pattern.   One of them was for me.  I thought the tam would be pretty out of Tahki Jolie in color 5016 (key lime green).  It is made out of 70% French Angora, 30% merino and is amazing and soft and gorgeous.  I had seen some at Needlework Unlimited and was reminded that I had a few leftover balls in my paltry, uninspiring stash*.  I don’t get to NU very often because it’s kind of a trek, but I always stop when I’m in the neighborhood.


The sweater I originally made (the hemline is shown in the above picture, which is truer to the actual color than the picture below) is the Berry Cluster Pullover from Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein.  Many of you have seen/purchased one or more books from this series of embellishments.  They are really quite wonderful references.  I won my copy at Knit Out a couple of years ago and was thrilled.


I absolutely fell head over heels for this sweater, so my sweater is identical to the one pictured (I can’t get a good picture of mine and have no intention of MODELLING it!).  I made no changes to it — same yarn & color, same neck treatment, same pearls.  Do I look like the picture when I wear it?  Uh, that would be a “no”!   I rarely wear this sweater for two other reasons: I have nothing to go with it and it sheds like crazy!!  But it was a labor of love, and I love to look at it and touch it and sometimes that’s enough.  I have several sweaters like that — I made them for the sheer love of the project without the intention of wearing them.

The other tam I made was for Amazing Threads as a shop sample.  The yarn is Sublime which I described in an earlier post.  It knitted up beautifully!


You can see how different the tams look depending on the yarn that is used.  Sublime has great stitch definition.  Both hats worked and both fit so I am happy with them.  This yarn would be great for something special but I’m not sure what at the moment.  I just know it is really nice to knit.

PS — Sally asked why the tams are darker in the center — it is because I scanned them and they cannot lie flat on the scanner plate due to the “embellishment” on the top.  The Jolie tam has a little i-cord knot on top which looks very light because it is pressed against the glass.  In reality, both are a consistent color throughout.  Thanks for the chance to clarify, Surly!

*definition of paltry, uninspiring stash: a collection of yarn you cannot count on for a new knitting project: not enough variety, quality or yardage for anything you would really want to knit.  That is why you will never hear of me joining the “Knit from Your Stash 2007” movement — I would be left empty handed and bare needled! 😉


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