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April 7, 2007

From Susan — Why I Love Knitting

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Yesterday, when I was pining away for my Zephyr yarn for my Peacock Shawl, something else arrived instead.  It was a kit I had ordered to make a knitted beaded amulet bag.  I have a zillion amulet bags, but this one is special.  I had seen it on one of my students at a recent knitting class, and I fell in love with it.  It took awhile for me to get around to ordering the kit, but I wanted to have it done in time for the Minnesota Knitters Guild Yarnover Workshop on April 21.  I’m teaching the amulet bag class and thought it would be fun to bring examples of other styles of beaded knitting.  The kit arrived last night and I started right in.  After all, my shawl wasn’t happening!  It went fast.  It is the bag on the left in the picture (the bag on the right is there to show scale — the new one is larger than my usual).


It is much more gold/bronzey in real life and very pretty.  The decoration is pressed glass.  Ironically, I already owned everything in the kit except the pattern book and the pressed glass medallion 🙁 .  Oh well!!  It is knitted using short rows to get a deeper scallop at the bottom.  The kit can be ordered through TWE/Beads.  There is a lot more finishing involved because of the swags and beaded necklace.  You could very well simplify it if you wanted.


This is why I love knitting.  Knitting can be anything you want it to be!  If you don’t like wool, use cotton.  You hate knitting cables, do lace.  Love knitting in the round, go for it.  Hate knitting in the round, don’t.  Tired of the same old-same old?  Try lace or bead knitting or fair isle.  Knit something huge, like an afghan, or knit in miniature.   Feeling generous?  Knit for charity.  Feeling like you need a bit of luxury in your life, knit with cashmere or silk.  You can never get bored with it and it’s always there for you.  The variety is infinite and the whole world of knitting fits in your lap while you watch TV.  Sign me on for another 40 year tour of duty!


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