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May 3, 2007

From Susan — The Peacock Has Landed

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FINALLY!! And completely worth the wait.  The color is stunning and perfect for the Peacock Shawl — the picture does not do it justice.  I start tonight, mes amies!


I am loving this yarn, the color and the knitting.  I have 40 rows done — which sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  It’s about 4 square inches! 

I have not had the bleeding problem yet — bummed to hear about it :(.  Is there a way to set the color when you block it, like by adding some vinegar??  Any ideas/experience with this?


April 15, 2007

From Susan — A Very Minor Setback

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I can’t blame this one on the knitting gods!  I have had to rip back the sleeves a few inches on Eris — I was literally at the point of binding off the sleeves and thought, “Hmmmm, they really seem too small/narrow at the wrist.”  They were.  So now I’m backing up a few inches and changing my decreases to every 8 rows instead of every 6.  I should still be blocking this baby today.

Sally and I both have unnaturally small wrists — we’re such delicate flowers, aren’t we??  Plus, I am unnaturally tall.  So what I usually do is cast on for the smallest size sleeve and continue doing increases to get me to the size I am making, which tends to be one of the largest sizes.  I can then accommodate my delicate wrists and the unnatural length of my arms in one fell swoop.  That often works.  What I also do is take the bottom hem of the garment and wrap it around my delicate wrists and pull it over my hands to see how many sts I need for the wrist and then calculate my sleeve increases (or decs when top down) from there.  I did both these things, but it was still a little bit off. 

I am working on the silk Vittadini top.  It is not quite as mindless as I had hoped: even though it is stockinette in the round, the ten-ply yarn can be split easily so you need to look at it while knitting.  Darn it!

Romi just started her Peacock Shawl, so I’ll be able to knit vicariously through her for the next few days whilst I await my yarn.  The good news is that she is using the same Zepher yarn Sally used (and that I am waiting for) and LOVES it.  She says the shawl is flying off the needles.  Be still my heart.  So, I will track her progress and hopefully get to start mine before she finishes hers.

To the sleeves, Batman!

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