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December 22, 2007

From Susan — A Roslin is Born!

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I am so excited — I started my own Roslin Fair Isle Hoodie!  I have been working on a fourth Hemlock Ring Throw (how many of those do you need ;)), so my “start” is just baby steps at the moment.

RoslinHoodie12-22-07.jpg picture by lv2knit
Not much to show yet!

I opted to use a different color than the original.  My main color is Simply Shetland Purple Heather (color #239).  This is one of those fabulous colors that is a heathery blend of many colors.  It is absolutely gorgeous and a color I have loved for years!  Sally’s original Roslin is on display at The Yarnery in St. Paul because I’ll be teaching it as a class this winter.  I thought I better actually make one before teaching it to others. :) 

To the shock and amazement of my Thursday knitting peeps (NOT ;)), I am doing my Roslin a little bit differently.  I love the garter rib at the bottom of Sally’s Tangled Yoke Cardigan/Pullover, so I am going to skip the kangaroo pocket and do the garter rib at the hem and sleeves.  It is a slow go for now but should speed up once I get to the stockinette in the round. 

This will be my ‘take a long’ project and then I will get back to Lyra for my ‘at home’ knitting.  I have not forsaken you, Lyra!!  I will get Lyra done, but because it is not an item that can be worn, I feel less urgency about it.  With winter here, I chose to focus on sweaters for my workplace wardrobe. 

I also pushed the snooze button on Plisse.  It was moving along slowly, but seems more like a spring fashion, so I feel less urgency about it, too.

Last night, I did finish my Hemlock, so now I can concentrate on getting on track with Ros.  I’m going to cheat and use an old photo — this Hemmie is identical to one that I finished!

Hemlock2004.jpg picture by lv2knit

And to top it all off, there is a lovely snow falling this morning:

NewSnow12-22-07002.jpg picture by lv2knit

It will be a White Christmas this year — something that has not always happened the last few years!  I hope you are on track for the holidays.

October 27, 2007

From Susan — Humbled by Response

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Well, what can I say?  Your response to our little hoodie is overwhelming!  Since the math work falls to me (Sally did the knitting, and I did the number crunching), I will try to write up some additional sizes.  It is that huge mental effort that stopped us in our tracks before.  We shall see! 😉

As I reread our post, I realized it sounded more than a little braggy.  Let me explain. Sally and I wrote the post as co-authors: she wrote the parts about my contribution, and I wrote about hers.  The post sounds braggy but we are really just bursting with pride for the other Rainey Sister!  🙂

I have been working on Lyra day by day.  I am (drum roll) on Round #100!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! 🙂 Out of 180 :(  I am no where near halfway done — because of the circle thing.  Oh well.  I am almost done with the third set of leaves and have started the “tulips” (if that is what they are).

Lyra10-26-07.jpg picture by lv2knit

My take along knitting is Plisse.  It is at a very strange looking stage.  If asked, “What are you making?” no one would ever believe a sweater:

10-26-07Progress.jpg picture by lv2knit

The teal section is what I have on the needles right now.  Once all of the white is filled in with knitting (quite a while from now, if my current rate of speed is any indication), then I will pick up the peplum and work down.

I won a prize at the Shop Hop two weeks ago from Coldwater Collaborative, so I feel the need to go to a yarn store!!

August 29, 2007

From Susan — Three Unexpected Delights

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I left work today with no expectations to speak of.  Just meeting up with a knitting friend for coffee and then home.  I had a lovely time at the Yarnery waiting for my peep, and then a lovely dinner with said peep.  That constitutes Delight #1.

Delight #2: Aforementioned peep told me about a knitting book “must have.”  We rushed back to the Yarnery and I bought:

BigBookofKnitting.jpg picture by lv2knit

I’m sure many of you have seen it, but it was new to me.  It has some very helpful knitting tips and those were gleaned with a very cursory glance, so I look forward to exploring it in more depth.

Delight #3: My Hanne Falkenberg Plisse kit was waiting for me when I got home! 

PlisseKit.jpg picture by lv2knit

Was this the color I would have chosen if I could see them all?  Who knows!?  But I do know that the color is very lovely — it should go with jeans and khakis (I think), and so will be versatile.  Much needed addition to the fall/winter wardrobe — maybe not THIS fall/winter but… :)  I’m not the fastest knitter and I have a few things in queue but this one will jump to the front of the line pretty soon.

What a day brightener!  And I needed one, believe me.  I want to finish up the Hemlock Ring (it’s growing each day) and of course, the Kauni will be perfect for fall.  So, off I go to do my daily knitting chores!!

PS to all of my blog friends:  I luv ya!!  A big cyber-hug to every one of you who commented yesterday.  🙂



June 17, 2007

From Susan — The Whirlwind!!

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Thanks to all for your wonderful birthday wishes.  I have been let out of the salt mines long enough to post — actually Sally left this a.m., so any slave labor I endure will be strictly self inflicted!  BUT, let this be said: Sally never subjects me to any tasks that I do not agree to willingly, so I bring it all on myself ;). 

Sally and I spent the weekend visiting yarn shoppes, knitting, sewing, eating, knitting, talking, watching movies, knitting, and eating.  We are an exciting lil duo! 

For my birthday, Sally said she would order this for me. 




Yes, another Hanne!  A new and beautiful Hanne.  I am thrilled!  I just need to decide on a color from her palette of 72 colors — ugh!  That is tough!  I am thinking of making it in the same color as the Peacock Shawl – I love the color and I really won’t be wearing the shawl that often.  Let’s face it, it’s not the most practical garment in the universe.  But Plisse certainly is!  I can see it being easily worn with jeans or skirt.

So, I am still alive and older and wiser.  By leaps and bounds I’m sure, though I am waiting for the “wiser” to present itself!  I am off to finish Peacock and cook a real dinner for my hubby in honor of his special day. 

Happy Father’s Day to our dad on this day.

PS to all of you in the Twin Cities.  This Tuesday evening (June 19, 7-9 pm) is the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild regular meeting.  Our program is a presentation by guest speaker: Amy R. Singer of  She will do a book signing of her book, No Sheep for You and I’m sure talk about many things knitted.  We will have copies of the book on sale for 25% off the cover price = $17 instead of $22.95.  Stop by and meet Amy.

PPS — I just crocheted off the Peacock Shawl.  It is a crumpled up mess, but it is done.  And after all the rip backs, etc., it was very nice to have my stitch count work out perfectly the first time — no problems!  The bind off is done in clusters of three sts so I was worried that I would get to the end and it would be off.  I will block this in the next day or two, but may need to buy a massive number of pins first.  Obviously, film at 8.

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