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October 20, 2007

From Susan — Mini Lyra Update

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Woo hoo!  I’m in the 60’s for rounds (out of 180) and totally loving Lyra.  The following graphic shows approximately where I am so far (dotted circle).  Talk about slow!  I really don’t know how Soo finished this in two weeks.  I would have to quit my job, leave my husband and abandon my kids to finish this in two months!   Hmmmmmm…….nah! ;) 

Lyra10-20-07.jpg picture by lv2knit

October 10, 2007

From Susan — We Walk Among You

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‘Those who walk among you’ are knitters who have discovered Herbert Niebling and are now obsessed!  Apparently there is an underground cult of sorts of Niebling Followers — who knew?  I would never have heard of Niebling myself except for the influence of fellow bloggers.  Soo left a nice little comment about my Hemlock Ring Throw so I innocently clicked on her blog, not knowing that it would change me forever.  I found this:

SooLyra.jpg picture by lv2knit

SooLyraCloseUp.jpg picture by lv2knit

My jaw still hurts from hitting the table.  All I knew was that I had to make me one of these!  I am not much of a lace knitter but decided to not let that be a barrier! ;)  The most immediate barrier was finding the pattern.  Niebling died over 40 years ago.  This pattern, called Lyra, was only printed twice.  The most recent was in a 1986 Burda magazine, European issue.  Soo kindly provided many details and I found the magazine in an ebay auction that very day.  It had to be mine!  I paid way too much for it but it was worth every penny.  It arrived last Saturday.  It is written in Dutch, I bought it from a woman in Germany, and it included an English translation.  All the charts are done using Niebling’s unique charting style. 

I started my Lyra already.  I laid out my knitting supplies like an operating room: yarn (Fino Laceweight Alpaca with a Twist — check), needles (Size 2.5 mm — check), reading glasses (check), small crochet hook (check), valium (sorry — all out!), bead mat (check), lamp (check).  I used the Emily Ocker cast on and for the first several rows had the highest anxiety going!  I was so worried I would drop a stitch — then I did and actually fixed it :), so I am off and running. 

Here is my progress so far:

Lyra10-09004.jpg picture by lv2knit

I am not far enough into it to be at the hard part but so far I have not had any trouble.  I have put many hours into it so far and it is still very TINY, though it already has over 300 sts!  Soo finished hers in two weeks.  That’s right: TWO WEEKS!  I will not even attempt to match her pace. 

Because I can’t work on Lyra in anything but the most optimal conditions, I also started this (Rowan’s Calmer “Loll”):

Loll.jpg picture by lv2knit

I am making mine in ivory (Rowan Calmer in “Drift”) and I have about 5-6 inches of the back done; all of the fringes complete — whew, are they ever slow!  I’ll post a picture later.  Why a summer sweater??  Who the heck knows!  It’s something to work on as my take along project.

PS in response to pjknits: I buy 99.9% of my yarn from my LYS’s — I find almost all the yarn I want locally.  If there is something I absolutely must have and it is not readily available (i.e., the Kauni yarn or the Swedish Bohus kits) then I shop on line.  I know a lot of people do not have access to the quality of yarn shops available in the Twin Cities.  We are tres lucky here!


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