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March 1, 2008

From Susan — To H*LL and Back

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I have seen the Gates of Hell.  We will get there by virus.  OMG!  Even with a flu shot this year, I suffered for almost a week, unable to lift head from pillow.  UNABLE TO KNIT for days.  That, mes amies, is my definition of hell.  Oh well, I’m better now :)!

I have been knitting on the Roseleaves Tunic.  I cannot tell if it will be gorgeous or an absolute disaster.  It is that darned variegated yarn — I have a love-hate relationship with the handpainteds.  It is very difficult to tell how they will look.  DH is my Muggle Canary-in-the-Mines.  He has no sense of fashion (he thinks he does…), but he will comment favorably on beautiful yarns.  For instance, he loved the Merci Scarf and said so frequently.  He has not said a single word about Roseleaves — not one.  That tells me he is saying to himself, “What is she thinkin!?!  Utt-bay ugly.”  Like I said, he has no taste so that may not be enough to deter me ;)!

Here is a picture of the yoke;

The sleeves are knit top down from each side.  Here is a picture of the first sleeve, which is almost complete:

Sally says to keep knitting.  I have a long way to go: the sleeves from cuff to cuff will be 5-1/2 feet!  And then the body.  She promised to give me some of her yarn if I run out — at least I think she did 😉 !  She will, because she is so good to me!

February 24, 2008

From Susan — Will Someone Knit for MOI??

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Lorraine so aptly voiced this sentiment (“Susan- I’d love to have a [Merci] scarf like that, but I don’t want to knit one- does that make sense?”) — alas, I am afraid the answer is a resounding, YES!  It makes tons of sense!  However, for most of us, we are the knitters, not the knittees.  There are so many things I “want” that I do not have time to make.  I want them to magically appear in my closet, in the exact style, color, etc. that I covet.  It takes so long to make everything and costs so much for the yarn (I do have expensive taste ;)) that I can’t do it all.  The internet has just made it worse.  I find “must haves” every day!

But this is too scrumptious to ignore:

Sirino 50% silk/50% wool from The Great Adirondack Yarn Company, color Serengeti II (675 yds, 150 gms)
Note presence of dog hair — it is on everything I own

This yarn is so beautiful, I cannot find the words.  It is like knitting from an Egyptian pharoah’s jewel cache.  There is a lot of a deep rusty, copper color and a deep, regal purple, with very short runs of aqua and peacock teal.  The sts shine like there is light emanating from inside.  I hope when I get to the lace section (with stockinette thrown in) that I still like the way the colors work — but this is stunning color, like I have rarely seen.

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