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February 5, 2008

From Susan and Sally — Be Our Valentine

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We both love small projects and have a special fondness for gloves, glovelets, and mitts. Last year, Sally knit a beautiful pair of red cashmere fingerless gloves for a friend and kept wishing she had knit an identical pair for herself. She had the yarn, but just never found the time. The other day, we were talking on the phone and came up with the idea of a quick, easy Valentine-themed glovelet using Sally’s red cashmere. The result is our Sweetheart Glovelets.

The pattern is free to our readers. Sweetheart Glovelet Pattern

We hope you enjoy it!

P.S. If you have any trouble with the first row of the pattern (the ruffle at the cuff), click here.

November 27, 2007

From Susan and Sally — Ruh Roh!!

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Scooby-Doo-tv-06.jpg picture by lv2knit
“Ruh roh, reveryrody!!”

We must now admit to imperfection!  Darn it!  There is an error in the Roslin Hoodie pattern for the Size Small.  Please check out the Roslin Errata link for the corrections.  The Roslin Fair Isle Hoodie pattern has also been revised with the corrections.  We hope that none of you suffered irreparable mental trauma due to the incorrect math calculations in the pattern ;)!

Thank you for letting us know about the errors as you find them so others will be saved!

November 16, 2007

From Susan — Hey, Don’t Blame Me!!

It was brought to my attention that the Hemlock Ring Pattern has a mistake — the mistake was in the original pattern written in 1942.  And I know this for a fact because Diane brought a vintage pattern book to knitting group and the pattern was there, mistake and all.  When I knitted my Hemlocks, I must have just fixed it as I went along and did not pay much attention. 

Round 35 (original): 
35th rnd: O, k 1, O, * sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, O, k 4, O, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (O, k 1) twice; sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (k 1, O) twice. Repeat from * around. 

Round 35 (revised):
35th rnd: * O, k 1, O, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, O, k 4, O, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (O, k 1) twice; sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, k 1. Repeat from * around. 

I revised the Hemlock pdf that is linked in the Free Patterns section of our blog.  I’m sorry if any of you had problems with the pattern!! 

As far as my other knitting is concerned, I am done with the back and both fronts of the Lopi Cardigan.  I’ll start the sleeves and may even finish them this weekend.  I can see why people like knitting with BIG, FAT Yarn!!

May 24, 2006

From Sally — A Beaded Mini-Purse from One of Our Readers

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A friend — Wendy — who has been reading this blog made her very own beaded mini-purse starting with Susan’s pattern and making her own changes. She said I could post a photograph of it here. I think it looks great!

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