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November 16, 2008

From Susan — More Snow in the Forecast

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More snow, but just a flake at a time!  I’ve been knitting on my snowflakes a bit here and there, with a somewhat stealth project in between.

This flake was a little more fun to do because there was a lot going on.   My hexies are smaller than they are supposed to be, so this may end up a scarf!

I am finding quite a few errors in the pattern, and no errata published.  I contacted them and asked about a particularly problematic omission and received information — with another error.  Okay, it is a tricky pattern and not a lot of people have made it.  However, there are  lot of mistakes, so be forewarned.  Many of the errors will become fixable once you are familiar with the pattern.   But if you like your numbers “clean,” this may not be the pattern for you!  If you decide to forge ahead, make a copy of the pattern and take notes as you go.  Most of the snowflakes are made twice, so the second one should be easier.

Wrapped in Care
I’d like to put in another plug for the Wrapped in Care Project.  We are still receiving shawls from around the country and closer to home, as well.  My Thursday knitting peeps continue to dazzle me with their generosity!  Here is a recent donation from Cathy, an Alix’s Prayer Shawl:

I took the liberty of sending a shawl directly to someone who shared her story in our company newsletter.  She knew from tests during her pregnancy that her baby would not survive.  In cases like that, the baby still must be carried to full term.  She knew her growing pregnancy would prompt questions and caring comments, and she did not want to have to explain her story to everyone who said, “When are you due?”  So, she enlisted the help of her co-workers to get the word out.  Her co-workers also hosted a baby shower and gave her keepstakes of the baby and items to help preserve memories (like a kit to make a plaster handprint of the baby).  Her baby died in utero one week before the due date. 

Most women don’t have that kind of preparation time and go into their childbirth with hope and joy.  The shawls cannot lessen the pain but at least can show support and caring from an anonymous friend.  We have had close to 50 shawls donated so far.  Thank you for all of your efforts!!

November 8, 2008

From Susan — Seems Too Early

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Seems too early for Christmas trees in the stores and for snowmen in the news, but both are events witnessed by me recently — it snowed here yesterday!  What happened to fall?  I guess it is November and blah-blah-blah, but it seems like time is passing at a staggering clip.

I had a knitting goal in mind for this fall, but I think it has already passed me by!  I started the Winter Wonderland Shawl a few years back and always meant to complete it before the “first snowfall” of the “next” year (whenever the bee-boop THAT means!).  So, after finishing the Aran Wrap — and the temps still being very mild — I pulled out the Winter Wonderland (aka Snowflake) Shawl to give it a go.  

I am using the exact yarn called for in the pattern: Suri Alpaca Elegance (1 skein) and Glimmer (3 skeins).  US size 6 dpns are used.

It is a much more time consuming piece of knitting than it might appear.  The snowflakes can be knit fairly quickly, but the snowy backgrounds are slow going for me.  They are awkward and take much more time than their simplicity would indicate.

Here is a graphic that shows the layout of the shawl — the dotted line on the bottom indicates where I may add one more snowflake:

The shawl is made by knitting 13 individual snowflakes, knitting a background around each, and then grafting them together.  A border is added around the perimeter at the very end.

Here are some of the 13 snowflakes being blocked:

And a snowflake with the background:

All 13 snowflakes are finished, and I think I have 4 snowflakes completely done.  It is a fun project, but again I must ask myself: does everything you make have to be weird?  Can’t you knit a plain old something for a change?  This could be another of those projects from hell that never reaches its full potential!

Because the holidays are looming, I thought I would revisit a super fun project that I made last year to get you into the holiday knitting mood:

This is Rudy the Reindeer and he is really fun to make!  The pattern can be purchased from Amazing Threads and takes worsted weight yarn. 

PS — I’m sorry I got on my political soapbox this week on the blog.  We have always tried to steer clear of controversial topics — we won’t even go near the “pickers vs throwers” debate 😉 !!  I do believe this, however: whatever your political leanings and no matter who you voted for, it serves no one for the new president to fail.  The price is too high for all of us, so I hope people are supportive and rally for the success of our country.  I am now stepping off my soapbox to go knit on some more of those $##$%& snowflakes!  Or do laundry!

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