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May 31, 2009

From Susan — The Wee-est FO

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Sally will have some great blogging updates this week, but before she wows you with her knitting wonders, here is a teeny FO that I finished today.  I went crazy trying to find a charm for this bag — I already owned the glass heart, but didn’t think it looked quite right.  After searching endlessly (okay, three stores!), I finally decided just to throw this charm on the thing and be done with it.

Twilight Amulet Bag by you.

I like it!  I don’t know what my original problem was, but I like it.  I am calling this bag “Twilight” for the book and movie: clot red beads and the blood red heart!!

May 30, 2009

From Susan — As Promised

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Yesterday was the first day of the Twin Cities Shop Hop.  I met up with five of my favorite peeps at 9:30 am outside Amazing Threads to embark on our trek.  We took my car — I was the driver and Kim was my navigator.  She had the assistance of my brand new Garmin GPS.  Ms. Garmin was gentle and fairly accurate, though we did suspect her of drinking heavily sometime during the trip!

We cruised through seven shops in this order: A Sheepy Yarn Shop (White Bear), The Yarnery (St. Paul), 3 Kittens (Mendota Heights), Zandy’s (Burnsville), Needlework Unlimited (Minneapolis), Coldwater Collaborative (Excelsior), and ended where we started: Amazing Threads (Maple Grove).  All by 4 pm! 

I brought my camera but forgot to take pictures most of the time.  We did have our waitress snap a pic of the Thursdays at Four crew during lunch:

Shop Hop Thursdays at Four Peeps
From left to right: Kim, Mary, Rosanne, Linda, Me, Emily
Missing, but not forgotten: Deb, Deirdre, Diane, Ellie, Pat, Rosemary

Here is a picture of the new 3 Kittens location:

Shop Hop New 3 Kittens by you.

The shop is located in a newly minted “Main Street.”  Mayberry meets city planner.  It is a very nice little area, and the store is chockful of beautiful yarn and fun knitting accessories.

I remembered to take an action shot at Needlework Unlimited:

Shop Hop Needlework Unlimited by you.

We ran into many of the same people as we moved store to store, including Beth and Jeanne from the amulet bag class!  It was great fun to see all of the yarns and people and be part of the festive atmosphere. 

At each shop, you had to get your passport stamped to be eligible for the main prize drawing.  They also had a free pattern give-away at each shop.  If you spent $5 or contributed to the food shelf, you also received a summer-themed charm.  We loaded up the car with canned goods just in case!  We either shopped or donated our way to all seven charms:

Shop Hop by you.

What did I buy?  Not too much.  I did load up on $1 patterns and bought a Debbie Bliss knitting magazine:

Shop Hop 005 by you.

All in all, a really fun day with great friends.  Thanks to all of my peeps for a wonderful time!

May 28, 2009

From Susan — Hop on Down

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The Annual Yarn Shop Hop starts tomorrow.

Shop Hop Thursdays at Four Peeps 

I will be hitting all seven shops (Amazing Threads, The Yarnery, Sheepy Yarn Shop, 3 Kittens, Coldwater Collaborative, Needlework Unlimited, and Zandy’s) the first day with my Thursdays at Four Knitting Peeps — yay!!  I am really excited to see the new 3 Kittens location.  They are in a completely new building, which should be very nice.  More to follow!

May 26, 2009

From Susan — I am a Traitor

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I am a traitor to knitters everywhere…apparently.  I think I may be the only knitter in the universe that gave absolutely no consideration whatsoever to attending Sock Summit 2009.  People are crashing servers and wreaking more havoc than Y2k, and I am not interested in the least.  Sorry to say, but true.  There, I have admitted my guilt and await the firing squad.

From Susan to Katie K:  I’m sorry you are unable to go — maybe next year?  It sounds like it will be a rousing success and therefore repeated.  I know that many knitters are thrilled with the idea of the Sock Summit and I hope they a) have the opportunity to attend and b) it exceeds their expectations.  I know that I am definitely the outlier!!

May 23, 2009

From Susan — Fun Class!

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Today I taught a knitting class for a small group of very fun and special people.  They attended a class this spring and we had such a good time, we did not want it to end — so we decided to try the Beaded Amulet Bag.   Beth even brought a coffee cake!  What’s not to like??!!??

These bags are a challenge to get going, but they are also quite addictive:

Amulet bag 006 by you.

 How many bags does one person need?  Lots more than this!

The gold bag in the center was one I found when we went through my mom’s stuff.  I must have made her this very early on as I now use a slightly lighter gold colored thread, and I have no idea where I got the gold glass cube.  It’s nice to have it as a keepsake.

And this is the good thing about blogs/Ravelry: I made a pair of Fetching Glovelets for my lil daughter’s friend — just out of cheap yarn.  She needs another pair — her mom “borrowed” them and won’t give them back!  Having a photo record of your knitting is great to recreate something.  And to be honest, I’d rather make ten pairs of Fetching Glovelets for someone who loves them than one sweater for a daughter who won’t wear it!  You know who you are!

Fetching by you.

May 20, 2009

From Both of Us — Back Home

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Today we both returned to our homes and families.  We cannot express how much it meant to us to receive the many kind wishes from all of you.  Susan had a very special flower bouquet waiting upon her arrival:

Flowers with yarn by you.
Flower Basket with Yarn and Knitting Needles

Yes, flowers with yarn and needles!  From her knitting peeps, of course — so sweet and so appreciated!

While at my dad’s, we spent a lot of time with family…but we all grieve in our own way:

Personal Threads by you.

We needed to be in a place of beauty and inspiration — a yarn shop!  There is a wonderful shop in Omaha — Personal Threads Boutique.  We visit every time we are in town.  It is a lovely refuge, nestled in the Lewis Art Gallery, and stocked with gorgeous treasures for the knitter and the home.

Personal Threads by you.

Personal Threads by you.

We love the large windows that allow you to see the yarn in natural light. As for the yarns, Personal Threads has one of the finest selections of luxury yarns you will find anywhere.  Silk. Cashmere. Handpainted. We bought some gorgeous buttons (Sally brown 3268-0275, Susan red 3271-0275) and a “bit” of yarn.  (Sally walked away with the green Silk Rhapsody you see her holding in one of the photos.)

Joe (owner? manager?) is the sweetest person you will ever meet and made us feel so welcome and special.  This place is a must visit if you are in the area!

And it did help us forget our sorrows for the time we were there.

May 17, 2009

From Both of Us — Our Heartfelt Thanks

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Thank you for all of the warm and thoughtful comments. We were very touched by the outpouring of support. We have spent the last few days with our dad, brother, and other relatives and it has been a time of sharing stories (including some new ones!), laughter, and tears: in other words, a time for healing.

We’ll resume our regular blogging within the next few days.

May 12, 2009

From Susan and Sally — Our Last Mother’s Day as Daughters

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Our mother died today, quietly in her sleep, after experiencing several years of declining health.

The beautiful wedding dress she’s wearing in this photograph was made by our grandmother. The post below was written by Susan during our very first month of blogging.   It seems fitting to revisit it today. 

March 31, 2006
Because watching knitting progress can be as exciting as watching paint dry (oh goodie, another inch!), I have decided to provide some hysterical or historical backdrop to our blog.

Before there were the Rainey Sisters there was the Rainey Mother.  Our mom (no longer a Rainey, but that’s a long story in itself) was an extremely talented seamstress, like her mother, and a wonderful knitter.  I use the past tense not because she is “no longer with us,”* but because she no longer pursues these activities.  She taught me most of what I know about sewing and was quite the perfectionist.  She would say things like, “That zipper doesn’t look very good on the inside.”  Huh?!?  Who is going to be looking there?  But it did make ME a perfectionist as well, and I started out as an avid sewer well before the knitting bug bit me hard.  I still sew out of necessity and on occasion for the artistry.

As I said, my mom was a knitter.  I do not remember when I learned to knit or who taught me (my dad’s mom, I think), but I do remember going to mom for knitting help, “Am I on the knit side or the purl side, Mom?”  She would knit beautiful sweaters, and I still have a few of them:

Mom's Dressy Mohair Sweater

This is a beautiful mohair jacket with 3/4 length sleeves.  I don’t remember when she made it, but I think it is gorgeous.

The next is a sweater that Mom made for me when I was in 6th Grade.  I absolutely love this sweater.  It is a darker tan than it appears here.  I’m not sure what the pattern stitch is — it looks like a variation of the Trinity Stitch:

Sixth Grade Sweater

You can tell that even then I was “the Big One.”  Here is detail from the buttonbands.  You can see the beauty of mom’s workmanship.  Notice the machine-made buttonholes and fine handstitching.

6th gr Button Detail

Here is a sweater she made me in high school.  I wore it often.  The color does not show up very well — it is a beautiful, much darker, teal blue out of a very soft yarn.  And it was knit in the round (you go, girl!).

Teal Sweater

And some details:

Teal Neck Detail

Teal Hem Detail

So you can see that Sally’s and my interest in the needle arts stems from a long line of crafters.  I owe a lot to my mom’s instruction and encouragement — thanks, Mom!

*To our great sorrow, the past tense is now all we have.

May 10, 2009

From Susan — Teal Phase

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I must be taking my cue from Picasso and am now fully immersed in my “teal period.”  Everything I have made lately is the same color.  The last few years I was in my “rusty-reddish-warm tones” phase!! 

I have been knitting like a fiend and getting nowhere fast.  This project is moving at glacial speed.  Here is my progress so far:

Sweetheart Tunic 5-10-09 by you.

The color is very true here. 

And Happy Mothers Day, everyone!!

May 9, 2009

From Susan — Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep & Cold Festival

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Another visit to the place where fiberholics go for their fiber fix!  This time, it was Shepherd’s Harvest in lovely, quaint Lake Elmo.  I volunteered to staff the MKG booth from 10-12.  One of our tasks was to provide Ravelry pins/nametags for peeps who would be attending the Ravelry Meet Up at 12 noon.   We were inundated by Ravelers!  It was great seeing all the faces behind the familiar Ravatars! 

12 Noon — Off to the Ravelry Meet Up: imagine 20-30 people standing in a circle staring at each other waiting for something to happen!  I’m not sure if anything actually DID happen, because I left to shop and wander.  It was too cold to stand there (50 degrees, but felt colder), and I had already seen all of the Ravelers (see Paragraph 1A)!

I did make a small purchase:

Shepherds Harvest by you.

The numbered markers will be great for my current WIP.  It has 12 pattern repeats.  I always think I am almost to the end of the round, but then realize I have lots more knitting to go.  By numbering where I am, I will not be deluded into thinking the round end is near!  And what can I say?  I saw the lil Sock Monkey and he had to be mine.  I also bought some honey for my honey.

Can you guess what this woman is doing?  She is spinning angora right off the bunny!!  Apparently the bunny LOVES the gentle rocking of the treadles.  Several people said to me as I was getting out my camera: Hey, this is great blog material!

Shepherds Harvest cropped by you.

Anyway, it was fun to run into so many MKG members and quite a few readers of our blog.  Now it’s time to do some serious knitting!  Yay!

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