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May 8, 2009

From Susan — Deja Vu All Over Again

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Tomorrow is Shepherd’s Harvest — the Twin Cities answer to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!  I will be going as a member of the Minnesota Knitters Guild to help staff our booth.  I will then have an opportunity to redeem myself and remember to attend the Ravelry Meet Up.  I hope we have better weather!

I did start a little something that I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  There is not enough of it yet to show a good picture, but here is a picture of the prototype:

Sweetheart Tunic by you.
Sweetheart Tunic by Marly Bird

We found the tunic at the Bijou Bison booth.  It is knit in yak/bamboo yarn but I bought some Whiskey instead:

Whiskey, Color 053 by quiltingknitter.

It is a beautiful dark blue with a lot of brown and is darker than this picture — Whiskey, Color 053, 195 yds/50 gms.  You use a US 5.  I have made very little progress because I am knitting it in the round.  I thought this would be cute over jeans.

I will report tomorrow after to being around my favorite peeps: knitting peeps!!

May 5, 2009

From Susan and Sally: Maryland Sheep & Mud Festival

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From Susan:

I’m ba-a-a-a-a-c-k!!  I am back in the Twin Cities after a wet and wild visit to the Howard County Fairgrounds.  I feel like I did three things while I was gone: ride in a car (three round trips to the MSWF), shop, and get rained upon!!

I arrived in DC on Friday, and we immediately trekked to the site of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival so Sally could drop off her entries.  It was well worth it!  Sally entered her Bohus and her Ode to Joy.  On Saturday, we got to see how she did:

Bohus Cropped by you.

Yes, just as I predicted, her Bohus took Best in Show!!  A proud Krusty the Klown Surly:

Surly Cropped by you.

She also received a 3rd Place Award for Ode to Joy: 

MSWF 014 by you.

Way to go, Surly!!  There were some other lovely items on display, like this beautiful weaving:

MSWF 029 by you.

MSWF is the place to go for handspun, handpainted fibers — barns and barns filled with gorgeous yarn for the true enthusiast.  We walked and touched and did a little bit of buying.  I had hoped for major knitting inspiration, but did not come away with any “must do” projects.  AND, due to an unfortunate bout of complete memory loss, we did not get to the Ravelry Meet Up.  Spaced it out completely!!

Here is a taste of the event…

MSWF 019 by you.

MSWF 020 by you.


MSWF 024 by you.

MSWF 040 by you.

People creating articles of utility and beauty, the old fashioned way.  It was great fun.

From Sally:

It was great fun, despite the vagaries of the weather. Saturday’s weather was fickle, but overall not that bad. Sunday was cold with heavy showers. Heavy showers.

Susan said we did “a little” buying. She’s speaking for herself. I bought far more than I planned on buying, and far more than I needed. Needs. Wants. So hard to tell the difference. The damage would have been far worse if we had discovered Brooks Farm Yarns before the rivers of mud streets were being rolled up at the end of Sunday afternoon.

I think rather than bore you all with photos of yarn, I’ll unveil the purchases as they get knitted up into their respective projects (lo so many years from now). In other words, my camera’s batteries are dead. I did manage to take one photo of a bracelet that I purchased from Moolenschot Blacksmith. I love it, perhaps because it reminds me of a Cylon raider (Battlestar Galactica reference for the uninitiated).

We regretted missing the Ravelry meet up, but were excited to meet some of you and run into old friends. Thanks to everyone who said hello, and a special thanks to Marsha, Lee, Lea, and Phyllis for the picnic lunch.

Susan and I had a wonderful time and, as usual, she was gone too soon.

I’d like to also wish a very Happy Birthday to one of our favorite readers. Happy Birthday to my beautiful and talented daughter and Susan’s niece, Nora.

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