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July 31, 2011

From Susan — A Month Later

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My Double Heelix Socks are now fully formed socks!  Yay!  They turned out pretty cute and fit really well.  The pattern sizing is based on the measurement around your heel/instep and that is where my foot is large.  It allowed me to adjust for that. 

Sorry for the mediocre picture 🙁 .

Double Heelix Socks

Pattern: A  — for creativity; but challenging!!
Yarn (Malabrigo Sock in Solis and Lettuce): A
Fit: A\
Ravelry Project Page

Overall grade has to be an A!!

July 29, 2011

From Susan — I found Rumpelstiltskin!

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Rumpie must be living in Canada under the pseudonym, Hand Maiden.  I have solid evidence that silk, kid mohair and nylon have been spun into pure gold:

This yarn is gorgeous beyond belief, and I had to have it — hock the kids, get a fourth mortgage, do whatever it takes, Baby!  You are mine, all mine!!   I bought it from StephenBe’s Yarn Garage Booth at The Knit and Crochet Show at the Hyatt in Minneapolis.  I did not sign up for classes but shopped and took in the fashion show.

The yarn is called Maiden Hair, 67% silk, 23% kid mohair, 10% nylon, 300 m/100 g, color pumpkin (?).  Is that the color name?  I am also curious about how the crimp will knit up.  I am thinking about making Merope’s Cowl with it, though the yardage is far greater than what is needed.  Since I am not quite sure how it will knit up, it just might not work.

We also bought some deck furniture — finally!  It is so nice to be able to actually use the lovely deck that my husband finished last fall.  Note laptop and knitting as part of the accessorizing!


Tomorrow I start the Braided Glory Class at Amazing Threads — really excited about it.  I love futzing around with technique. 

My Left Foot update: I am walking without a boot!  Not great at it, but walking nonetheless.  Progress is being made…:)

PS:  Eek.  Made. Big. Mistake. Husband. Saw. Price. Of. Yarn. $42.50.

PS2: I laughed when Suzan asked if Bonnie’s husband was a skiier: mine is — cross country.  The equipment is tres cher and of course he gets only the best, so we allow each other our little extravagances!  My favorite hubby quote, “Keep buying yarn ’til we run out of money!”  Okay, dear!! 😉

July 24, 2011

From Susan — gobble, gobble

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I finally saw the turkey babies!  John saw them once when they were absolutely teeny and said they have really grown.  It was hard to get good pictures because they (rightly so) blend into the underbrush.  I was surprised that they all seemed so tame.  They allowed me to open our back door and walk onto the deck without bolting.  The four jakes were strutting about like it was mating season — proud as peacocks to show off their family.  We have had hours of free entertainment from these little guys! 

One of the Moms in Protective Stance

The Black and Red Bullet
Not every project is an A+, but I am posting this for my own self!  I decided to knit a simple hat as a “thank you” for my young, cute nice surgeon.  I made a Turn a Square by Jarod Flood last Christmas for Matt, my brother-in-law.  I hounded Sally for all of the specs so I could knit the same thing for the doctor.  So, I am posting the details here for my own future reference!

This is a crazy picture, but I do not have a model.  Stash yarn, free pattern, one evening of knitting — nice, small project. 

Turn a Square by Jarod Flood
Yarn: Cascade 220 in black and dark red
Needles: US 5 for the ribbing, US 7 for the hat
Cast on: 104 sts, 2×2 rib for 1 inch, switch to larger needle
Work 5 rows black, 2 red, (3 black, 2 red), repeat between ( ) 2 more times; knit until 5 inches, start shaping.

There!  I will not need to bug Sally next time!

July 20, 2011

From Susan — Steamy

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Our heat index in Minnesota was 119 degrees yesterday!!  Ugh!!

July 18, 2011

From Susan — Home from Camp!!

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Camp was terrific — Kim is a great knitting partner and travel partner. We had so much fun. Everyone was welcoming to us as Camp Newbies and we got quite inspired. There are some damn fine knitters out there! I also met some loyal readers and loved hanging out with them!!

Meg [Swansen] was still recovering from an unfortunate run in with Lyme’s Disease. She needed a lot of rest and could not participate as much as she would have liked. It was a disappointment to everyone, but we all understood and wish her a speedy recovery.

Not the best picture, but the best people!!

The Day in Action

Break Time!!

Each day was a melange of mini-tutorials, Camper Show-and-Tell, contests and raffles.  Serious knitting time with serious, fun-loving knitters.  And lots of shopping and noshing opportunities, too!

My shopping:

The yarn is Cheryl Oberle’s special blend called Dancing Colors. One for me, and one for Sally — Sally’s is red-violet and mine reddish-black. Cheryl has a new vest pattern that I want to start ASAP. It should be a quick knit and will soon be revealed ;). The bag is a complete copycat of Kim’s cute camera bag: The ACME Bowling Case from National Camera Exchange…

Back on the hamster wheel tomorow…Nyah-Nyah

July 15, 2011

From Sally — A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

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Unfortunately, however, I simply can’t seem to take a decent photograph of my newly finished Crown Prince Shawl (from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia).  I’ll share some of my mediocre shots in a moment.  First, a few details.

I love the shawl design, but looking back it was a slog to knit; the nupps, while not difficult, became a bit wearing.  Then there was the outer border.  It is knitted in two pieces and sewn to the center of the shawl.  I thought about ways of avoiding that for several reasons.  First, it sounded tedious and I am not a great seamstress.  Second, the reason for making it that way was traditional technique based on lack of circular needles.  But I have circular needles and know how to use them.  Third, I thought it would be more difficult to block the shawl.  I finally relented and did it the traditional way because I liked the border (and it would have been more difficult than it looks to turn the pattern upside down and knit it outward from the shawl).  My original fears were not misguided, however.  I just don’t think this border looks as nice as one knitted onto the shawl would have looked.  I’ll take ownership of that — I’m sure much of it is due to my poor sewing skills.

I love the color of the shawl.  As I said in an earlier post, the yarn is Spirit Trail Fiberworks Atropos Bombyx Silk Laceweight.  The color is Dragon’s Blood — deliciously appropriate after watching season one of Game of Thrones with my 19-year-old.

I’m still concerned that the shawl is a bit small.  It did block out to about 52″ square.  That’s close to the size the shawl was supposed to be.  I think my personal preference would be for a larger square shawl so I could wear it a bit more dramatically, the way I can wear my large circular shawls.  This size means I almost have to fold it into a triangle to wear — and if I am going to do that, I should have done half the knitting and just made another triangular shawl.  Again, that’s on me.  I knew the size when I started it.  It does also look nice sort of folded in half  like a stole, so all is not lost.

So if I were going to grade this project the way that my sister sometimes does, I’m not sure what grade I would give.  It’s very pretty (which you won’t be able to see from my crappy photos), but I am not sure how much I’ll wear it.  Le sigh.

Here is the border being sewn on.  The color here is fairly true:

And now some woefully sad attempts at photos:

July 13, 2011

From Susan — Summer is Here

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Summer Solstice is here and finished. I love this sweater! The fit is great and the pattern fun to knit. Even though it is stockinette, it has enough little things going on to make it more interesting. I used six skeins of Ethical Twist yarn in color Oatmeal and really like the way the fabric turned out. While knitting it, it looked awful, but it did block nicely.

I hate pictures of myself as you well know, but I knew this sweater would show better on a person. I was wrong. But, I do not have time to dilly dally taking more pictures! I leave Thursday for Knitting Camp and am not ready at all. 🙂

I lengthened the sweater quite a bit. I wanted it to be a sweater to hide in! If I make this again, I will make it shorter and use really dreamy yarn!!

My Ravelry project link

July 11, 2011

From Susan — If You Need a Smile Today…

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This is adorable: the world’s shortest and cutest naps!! And those of you who know me know I have a very special fondness for Korean babies!

July 2, 2011

From Susan — It Walks!

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Well, more like lumbers, but I am off the scooter for the most part and walking in my boot!  It is slow and awkward, and not as speedy as my scooter, but unless I start walking, I cannot move on in my recovery so I am excited about my milestone. 

I am also making some progress on my Summer Solstice cardigan.  I have put my Double Heelix Socks aside for the moment (though I take my sock with me as a portable project).  I was inspired to finish my cardi because I am going to be attending Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp in two weeks and I have heard that the venue tends to be chilly.  I am going with my good friend, Kim.  Kim is a ton of fun and a great knitter, so it should be a wonderful experience.  So, anyway, I am feverishly trying to finish my SS so I can throw it on at Camp.  I totally love this pattern and may make another in “pretty” vs. functional yarn.

Have a great holiday weekend with family and friends!!

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