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October 30, 2011

From Both of Us — Get Smart

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We mean, get The Smart Glove — the second design in our gloves series.

Fun. Funky. Functional.  The glove  that comes with its own “apps.”  This is the smart glove for your smart phone!   You will want to wear these every day.

The Smart Glove features a long gauntlet cuff that can be worn three ways — as a gauntlet, folded, or over the thumb to create an extra layer of warmth: like having a glovelet on your glove.  It also features an optional “pop top” for your texting finger and/or thumbs.

Sally made her gloves out of Malabrigo Sock in two colors, Solis and Lettuce:

Susan used Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light for her Smart Gloves, which has a larger gauge than Malabrigo.  This adaptation is also included in the pattern.

Sizes:  Small, medium, and large.  To fit hand circumference 6.5 (7, 7.5) inches.

As with all of our glove designs, we have included our ten-page Glove Guide, which provides detailed information on how to get a perfect, custom fit.

This pattern is available for $6 and can be purchased by clicking the “Buy Now” button below or on the right sidebar.

October 27, 2011

From Susan — Brick by Brick

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Yes, like building a house brick by brick, you build a sweater stitch by stitch.  And, like a house, you need to keep your crew on task!  I am building a Brownstone for my husband.

Brownstone by Jared Flood

This classic style looks very much like a sweater my DH had when we were first dating — he wore it ALL the time, so I am hoping he will approve.  It will be , might be, should be a Christmas present if I build it in time!

I decided to go ahead and actually use the yarn in the pattern: Jared’s Shelter in color Nest:

I started this last summer during Knitters Camp as my mindless, knit-in-the-round stockinette knitting.  What you see here is the body kind of folded in half to fit on my scanner.  Jared started this with the sleeves, but being the rebel that I am, I started with the body (You mean the way most sweaters start?  Yeah.  You’re a rebel all right.).  The yarn has a nubby thing going on, but you still get a very nice fabric.  I love the yarn and knitting with it. 

Plan B:  If I can’t get it done in time for Christmas, John’s birthday is in February!
PS:  Kmkat asked, “Apparently your husband doesn’t read the blog? Or notice what you are knitting?”  In a word, no.  Semi-oblivious!

October 21, 2011

From Both of Us — Hand in Glove

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We mean it when we say we’ve been knitting our fingers to the bone…lots and lots of fingers! We have been busy designing and test knitting gloves and are very excited to launch the first in our series of original glove patterns.

We love the gorgeous sock yarns that are available nowadays. But how do you show off your hand knit socks without looking conspicuous? With gloves, all you need to do is wave! With that in mind, The Rainey Sisters (yes, we’re talking about ourselves in the third person) set out to design a collection of glove patterns that take advantage of all of the beautiful hand painted fingering yarns out there.

Sally’s Bijoux Beaded Gloves in Malabrigo Ochre and Tortoise Mix Beads

The first to debut is our Bijoux Beaded Glove Pattern. These glamorous gloves evoke Hollywood in the Forties. They feature a split beaded cuff and optional tucks on the back of the hand. The beaded knitting adds brilliance and elegance, but is easy to do. Full instructions are given in the pattern.

With each pattern purchase we also include our ten-page Glove Guide.

The Glove Guide provides detailed information to ensure a perfect, custom fit. We dissect the anatomy of gloves and provide tips for perfecting each element.

Quick facts about the pattern:

Sizes: Small, medium, and large. Hand circumference 6.5 (7, 7.5) inches. The Glove Guide also provides enough information to adapt sizes.

Gauge: 35 stitches and 48 rounds in stockinette stitch = 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches).

Yarn: one skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn (100% Merino, 440 yards/100 grams). Other yarns of similar weight can be substituted; one pair of the largest size takes approximately 300-325 yards. Gloves shown in Ochre and Aguas.

Beads: Size 8 glass beads in coordinating color. Pattern provides the details.

Instructions: Techniques used include provisional cast on, simple bead knitting (directions provided), built-in i-cord, grafting. These gloves do not require the ability to read a chart.

The pattern is priced at $6.00 and is available through Ravelry. Whether or not you are a Ravelry member, you can purchase the pattern by clicking the link below or on the right side bar. You will be taken directly to a purchase page; after purchase, you will receive a link to download the PDF of the pattern and a separate PDF for the Glove Guide.

Each pattern will have its own unique personality. We have really enjoyed exploring the potential of glove designs and hope you feel tempted to try at least one of them out.  Gloves are great fun to make and show off not only your yarn, but your knitting skill as well.

October 17, 2011

From Susan — Checking out the New Digs

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I heard that Lila and Claudine’s recently completed a major renovation and expansion, so of course my peeps and I had to check it out.  When we hear of such things, our first response is, “Field trip!!”

They opened up several rooms upstairs, each with a different theme or focus.

Two views of The Sock Room:

The Sparkle Room with sequined and metallic yarns, and lots of bling (though bling was EVERYWHERE!):

A room full of just super cute stuff:

The “I’m Too Cute for My Shirt” room:

They have really expanded their gifts and jewelry and still stock an amazing amount of yarn.  It was obvious that a lot of thought, care and elbow grease went into their new concept.  Polly is such an artist — which really shows through.  And it’s not that long of a drive from the Cities — maybe 20-30 minutes?  Definitely worth a visit!

October 10, 2011

From Susan — Checking In

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You must think we have dropped off the planet!  We have not been great at posting lately, but not because we aren’t busily knitting our fingers to the bone. 

We will share our progress soon.  In the meantime, we are experiencing the warmest fall I can remember — upper 70’s and absolutely gorgeous.  I can walk the woof-woof at night without a jacket!  I’m sure it will turn soon, but we are sure enjoying it. 

Since I don’t have anything of my own to share at the moment, I thought I would share a pattern book I found on Ravelry:

Killybegs by Carol Feller, published in Contemporary Irish Knits

There are some super cute patterns in this book.  They really get you in a cabling mood!  I ordered my copy and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Contemporary Irish Knits, Carol Feller (Ravelry Link)

October 5, 2011

From Susan — “Take Your Headless Torso to Work Day”

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Lettie is always thrilled to go on a field trip.  She loves going to work with me and thrives on being in the limelight.  But she is very sensitive about the, um, word headless

Lettie came to work with me to model the Damson Shawlette I made to donate for a silent auction fundraiser.  She did a stellar job and the shawl was purchased by a friend of mine!  Yay!

It will be fun to think of something special for next year.  And it’s nice to get Lettie out of the house once in a while. Crazy

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