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May 26, 2015

From Sally: It’s About Time

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I love poetry. (I know — this isn’t a poetry blog, but I will make a connection.) One poem I’ve always been fond of is Calmly We Walk Through this April Day by Delmore Schwartz. I especially love the last few lines:

May memory restore again and again
The smallest color of the smallest day:
Time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn.

Which brings me to my latest project, Timetable, designed by Andrea Sanchez. It was published in the Spring 2015 issue of Interweave. It’s a clever design. The pattern that follows the raglan lines on the front continues down the side and then, through short rows, wraps to the back for a shirt tail hem. (It’s then grafted in the middle.)

It was a fun knit, if a little slow. There is an error in the pattern, which affects the number of repeats one does across the back. You get to do fewer — the numbers and directions work out if you just realize that you do 1 or 2 fewer repeats. The designer is aware of the problem, so I suspect that there will be an errata available in the future.

I knit this out of Hazel Knits Entice, which is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend fingering weight. Very nice to work with. The color I chose is Cinnabar, a glowing ember of a color. Timetable. Red. You see how I’m linking this to the poem, right?

My sweater fits me perfectly — always a nice surprise. I wore it today with some kick ass red sandals and black linen cropped pants and felt very stylish. Don’t disabuse me.

May 16, 2015

From Susan — Ain’t Much

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My knitting has been a series of little fluff projects lately.  Sometimes you need a break from the big, overwhelming, never ended slogs!!

This necklace is called Knotty Knitted Necklace.  Mine was knit in the Schachenmayr Couture yarn I bought at Yarnover.  It only took about half the skein.  I made one for Sally but a huge portion of the yarn had no seed pearls.  Looked naked, but I kept knitting anyway.  I doubt anyone will notice.  I have actually worn it already and it is cute for a summer accessory!

Remember Monkey Face?  I made a Teddy Bear version for a work friend.  Her son is expecting a baby boy at the end of summer.  I made a smaller size (obviously!!) for a newborn.

I am excited that I will be out tonight with family celebrating my nephew’s graduation from law school.  He still needs to pass the bar, but I know he will.  Great kid with a bright future!!

I received the latest issue of Interweave Knits and there are a couple of sweaters (Chesapeake and Magic City Henley specifically) that are perfect for the Invisible Stranding technique I describe in my It’s Not About the Hat pattern.  It would make them turn out beautifully!!

May 6, 2015

From Susan — Color Blind

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Hi, Folks!  Happy Spring.  Spring in Minnesota is a magical time, as we exit our caves and blink into the sunlight.

I did immediately dive into my Ponchini and finished it.  The pattern had some quirks, but I followed it as written.  I was sent on a mission to StevenBe’s by my blog partner (aka, Surly) and decided to drag my ponchini-in-progress along to compare it to the original.

You may remember that I fell in love with the original (spotted at Yarnover) because of the color.  Jeremy selected my yarn for me as I repeated, “I want it to look exactly like this one.”  I have witnesses!!

It doesn’t.  Not at all.  I am not faulting Jeremy (I love Jeremy!), but I am disappointed.

Mine is also sewn opposite which reverses the color scheme.  I sewed it the same way and tried it on.  I must be “right sided” or something, but I needed to have the longer side to the right, not the left.  I had to rip out the seam and do it over!

And thanks to all for your positive reception to my It’s Not About the Hat pattern!  Mwah!!


PS – Some of you asked about gauge.  I am sure I probably knit tighter than the original…plus, it is not hanging free so you can’t see the light showing through.

See?  Less “solid” than you think!!

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