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June 28, 2016

From Susan — From Here To Eternity

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Q: “Momma, what is eternity?”

A:  “The time it takes to knit an afghan, dear.”

I am going to bulk it up a bit to speed things along!  Not as bulky as called for in the pattern, but when you have been given strict guidelines as to color and you don’t want to spend > $200, it limits your options!!

DD the elder (my very knitworthy girl), asked for an afghan like the one she uses when she comes over to watch Game of Thrones.  I said to just take that one…but, no way!  Wrong color!  She wanted the same gold as in her one of her bedroom throw pillows:

I opted for the pattern Umaro by Jarod Flood in Berroco Vintage Chunky, color “Sunny” (6121).  Umaro takes very bulky yarn, but I had trouble finding what I wanted in the right color that did not break the bank!  I had $50 worth of gift certificates for Sheepy Yarn Shop in White Bear, so I figured this would be a great time to use them.

I like the yarn, and I like the pattern, even though it has annoying seed stitch.  But I have not yet gotten into the rhythm of the knitting — the large needles are awkward.

DD left for Korea last Friday to study and returns in August, so I hope to have it done as a welcome back present, or maybe for Christmas?  She missed the season finale of GOT, which is a travesty that could not be helped!!


June 17, 2016

From Susan — Wiser?

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If you’re older, aren’t you supposed to be wiser?  Then I must be très, très, très wise!! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday well wishes!!  🙂

Here are the roses that my husband got me.  They are stunning!!

Sister Surly was not to be outdone!!  She sent me the yarn to make Leap Year by Suvi Simola.

Some people think you have no imagination when you choose the same color and/or combination as the prototype — however, sometimes the color is a big part of what you LIKE about the prototype!  Don’t judge me!  😉

Surly bought me Cumbria Fingering by The FIBRE Co. in colors Buttermere and Hadrian’s Wall from Fibre Space in Alexandria.  It is heavier than the yarn called for and that is fine with me!  It contains brown masham wool, which is a long wool variety.

You can also see a small metal tin in the photo:

They are stunning pearl stitch markers that are better looking than most of my earrings!!

My plan is to work on Leap Year at Knitting Camp, which starts at the end of 4th of July week…coming upon us very fast!!  I have a lot to do before then !

June 15, 2016

From Sally — Special Bulletin

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I’m interrupting our regularly (or should I say irregularly) scheduled blogging for a special announcement:


Happy Birthday to my big sister!!!!


Susan is my best friend, my mentor, my therapist, my partner in crime.  Happy Birthday!  

June 10, 2016

From Susan — Still Here

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Barely!  My knitting is in a slump and the weather will feel like 100 degrees this weekend!  Just thought I would stop in and acknowledge the fact that we have not posted in a while.

I just started a summer vest called Gisele – I’m making it out of Louet KidLin (color Colorado Spruce) from Sally’s cast off stash 🙂 .  I saw one in person and the pictures in the pattern do not do it justice!!

The pattern has three “tails” that hang down on both sides and the center back (here is a side panel view):



I did not want the tail hanging down the back 🙁 , so I eliminated the center back triangle:

The yarn is nice to knit with, though unfortunately it has been discontinued.  This feels like a slow knit, but it is decreasing so I hope it speeds up!!

PS to Samina — When I start knitting undies, you have my permission to confiscate my stash!  I would be bringing shame and disgrace to the knitting universe!

PS2: This thing is not growing AT ALL!  And in the interest of full disclosure, the color in the above pictures is actually prettier than it is IRL. 🙁

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