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August 28, 2006

From Susan — Knitting Update

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Since this is a knitting blog, I guess I’ll actually share some knitting updates :).  I have done very little on the Woman’s Continental, but I did knit a sweater since my state fair post.  My great niece turned two today (Happy, BD, Erika!).  Her mom called me Wednesday evening to invite us to a little party for Erika to be held yesterday afternoon.  I realized that other than her family Christmas stocking, I had never knitted her anything, so I thought I’d try to whip something up.  Good plan, but the timeline was a little tight.  I bought the yarn on my way to knitting (on Thursday, after my day at the fair) and started that evening.  Friday I worked all day.  That did not leave a lot of time.  I had until 3:15 pm Sunday to finish.  I sewed the button on at 3 pm.  I was still wet and not dressed.  That is cutting it close.  I’m not sure if or when it will fit her — she was covered in chocolate cake and frosting when the gift was opened, so we did not let it near her!  But it was a labor of love.  I’ll share a picture and project details when my daughter brings the camera back. 

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