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April 30, 2006

From Susan — Yarnover Hangover

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The 20th Annual Yarnover event was yesterday.  Yarnover is a one-day workshop and vendor market sponsored by the Minnesota Knitters Guild.  It was wonderful.  The organizers invited knitting notables from “around the globe” to speak and teach: Lucy Neatby, Candace Eisner Strick, Annie Modesitt, to name a few.  It is fantastic to be a part of the community of knitters. 

I taught an all-day workshop called “A Few of My Favorite Things…from A to Z.”  It included my favorite tips, techniques, and stories and hit every letter of the alphabet at least once — usually more.  The students were great — very enthusiastic and receptive.  I asked them to share their own tips or favorite projects as well, and they did not disappoint.  Mary, from Thursdays at Four, showed us the most gorgeous knitted, beaded scarf you’ve ever seen; Barb brought in two of the fabulous Christmas stockings she has made for each family member; Marcy shared her tip about using store-bought tags to keep track of key information on swatches (yarn and knitting needles used, gauge, etc.).  I always learn something and hope everyone had as much fun as I.

After the workshop, the MKG committee took the instructors out to dinner.  I got to debrief about the day and have a great meal — thank you, MKG!!

My knitting has suffered due to lack of time, but I did wear my Scoop du Jour to knitting group last Thursday and did receive the official seal of approval!   So there, a fait accompli!

I am now in a state that is rare for me.  I am kind of out of knitting projects.  I have Ballerina to work on, but it is too cumbersome to take everywhere.  I have a sock on the needles, but I am not terribly fond of sock knitting.  I could take out my Elsebeth Lavold “Margery” (see picture) and do the sleeves, but I’m not really in the mood.  That leaves one option: start a new project.  I’ll have to check my stash for hopefuls and get something going. 


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  1. Girls girls girls! Uncle G. gave me the name of your website weeks ago, but I just unearthed it on my desk. What a beautiful site, and how cool to chronicle your knitting lives via the web. I only chronicle my crazy life on my blog, nothing but blathering there … However, my jewelry is on my retail site: You will be on my links list on my blog now! —Marti

    Comment by Cousin Martha — May 1, 2006 @ 4:28 pm

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