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February 26, 2017

From Susan — Hat Trick

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Can someone love something TOO much??  John L O V E D the Dala Hat.  Loved.  It.  So much so that he envisioned me cranking these out like a little “Dala Hat factory” for all of his friends!!  He convinced me that two particular people were Dala Hat worthy: 1) the guy who keeps winning the Mora Vasaloppet, and 2) a guy who has skied every Mora Vasaloppet that has ever been.  Okay.  But consider this the world’s biggest favor!!  Unfortunately he only mentioned the one hat prior to me going to my LYS for yarn, which meant a second trip. 🙁

The yarn I used for John’s hat (Arbor) was not only very expensive ($13.25/skein) but also not washable.  I just couldn’t see sending a poor little hat out into the wild that could not survive improper care.  So, I used Rowan Pure Wool Superwash DK (colors Kiss, Navy, and Flint for hat #1, and Clay for hat #2).  I really struggled choosing between the Flint (gray) and the Clay (tan) my first go-around at the shop.  So I ended up making one of each, and preferred the clay.  John’s hat used a clay color, but lighter.

Superwash just doesn’t block as well as regular wool, but wearing a hat stretches out the knitting irregularities so they should look okay when worn.  That’s what I did this weekend instead of going to the Birkie!  The race was cancelled, but John drove up with a buddy for the festivities and to hunt for snow farther north.


  1. There is a difference in crispness between hat number one and hats two & three, but they are all lovely. Color combo on number one is my favorite. Definitely a knit worthy husband! Hope you asked him to get a photo of the three together wearing their hats…

    Comment by Bonnie — February 26, 2017 @ 3:37 pm

  2. They are fabulous!

    Comment by Lee Cockrum — February 26, 2017 @ 7:25 pm

  3. I like the gray one.

    Comment by Sally — February 27, 2017 @ 9:55 am

  4. All three are adorable. Looking forward to a photo of the Three Musketeers – OK, you’d have to make a fourth for D’Artagnan.

    Comment by Pru — February 27, 2017 @ 2:12 pm

  5. I have a Scandinavian knitting friend who doesn’t block anything that’s not lace or has lace in it. She’s says she’s been finishing this way since she was a child in Finland. She insists that wearing will custom block knitting to the person’s body. I don’t have the guts to try it, but since her knitting always looks fabulous, there might be something in what she says. Shrug. Anyway, her influence has made me a lot less OCD about blocking everything to within an inch of its life.

    Comment by Purrlie — February 27, 2017 @ 5:29 pm

  6. From Susan — I still block everything to the max. I guess it’s hard to teach an old knitter new tricks!!

    Comment by lv2knit — February 27, 2017 @ 11:48 pm

  7. It always amazes me how much better my hats look five years later whether it’s from a different perspective or from “body-blocking”. And I don’t even have your skills. But at my age I say the over-riding issue is to do what makes you happy (knitting-wise, anyway). Life is just too short. Love gray as a color better but that Flint one has a wonderful vintage look. Chloe

    Comment by Chloe — February 28, 2017 @ 10:05 am

  8. That is so nice of you! What treasured gifts.

    Comment by Beth — February 28, 2017 @ 8:35 pm

  9. I like all three base colors in the hats. Very nice stranding. Looks great! Too bad about the race…
    Julie in San Diego

    Comment by Julie Lanner — March 1, 2017 @ 3:35 pm

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