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November 3, 2017

From Both of Us — The Rainey Sisters On the Road

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We just returned from a road trip to North Carolina to attend an event for the National Inclusion Project (a very worthwhile cause).  Sally has been involved for quite some time, but this was Susan’s first time attending the gala and other events.

Here we are hanging out at a local pub:

Susan really is not a blonde bombshell!  We got very little knitting done, but had fun.  Susan met a lot of new friends – many from New York!  Whatta hoot that was.  They kept making fun of the Minne-soh-ta accent!!


  1. You’re both real! So nice to see you both & together! I’m glad you got a chance to spend some time together.

    Comment by Samina — November 3, 2017 @ 1:23 pm

  2. You guys are too cute together! Susan, I remember your blog post about making that blouse – it sure looks good. Also, hooray for the National Inclusion Project.

    Comment by Emm — November 3, 2017 @ 5:59 pm

  3. I just noticed that Susan is wearing that lovely shirt she made and isn’t that a Brickless hanging around your neck. Nice work ladies.

    Comment by OHSue — November 5, 2017 @ 11:24 pm

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