February 22, 2015

From Susan — Happy B-Day, DH

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My Birkie Boy has a birthday today…Happy Birthday!!  He is at Birkie Weekend but I am not.  I stayed home with our nearly 15 year old lab, Molly.  She just couldn’t make it this year so neither could I.  But the good news is that I did not miss John crossing the finish line (for the first time in three years)!  They had a live feed of the finish and you could also track your skier, so I knew exactly when he was heading down main street — he can be seen at 3:59, as shown in this picture. Yay!!  It is nice that you can replay!!

My knitting is still in a slump.  The Dale is on a time out and the Window to my Soul is deadly boring.  B   O   R   I   N   G … cannot knit a single row without going into comatose state…

I will be able to stop by the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild Tea today for the first time in years — it is always on the Sunday of Birkie weekend so I don’t get to attend very often.

February 15, 2015

From Susan — Happy Birthday!!

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I hate to step on our post from yesterday ;) but it must be done!  I would never want the day to pass without letting people know what a great sister I have.

She always has my back, and supports me through thick and thin.  She is my rock and it doesn’t hurt that we share (among other things) our love of knitting.  That may sound nerdy, but it’s true!!

So, enjoy your day and many, many more!!

February 14, 2015

From the Both of Us — Seeing Red

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We love red.  It cannot be denied.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would celebrate the color red.

Both of us love red, but Sally really loves red.  Almost every phone call about buying yarn includes the statement, “I love the red, but I have so much of it already.”  Yep.  You do.  But that’s okay.  Red is gorgeous.  Here is a very small sampling from Surly’s stash of red yarns:

And our walk down memory lane…

Wraps, Cowls and Shawls

Sally’s Sweaters

Susan’s Sweaters

Gloves and Mitts


Fun Little Things

Because it is Surly’s birthday tomorrow, we will also share a picture of Susan’s gift to her — very keeping with our theme!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!!

February 7, 2015

From Susan — My Heart Pops

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Did anyone get an email from Webs yesterday?  It had a free pattern in it called Heart Pops — super cute hat for Valentine’s Day.  Well, I checked my stash lickety-split and made this hat:

It had a pom pom — how could I resist??? ;)

And if you are in a Valentine knitting mood, don’t forget The Rainey Sisters’ Sweetheart Glovelets (a free pattern!!):


February 4, 2015

From Susan — Diamonds Aren’t Forever

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We had an annoying little snow today, causing me a 2 hour plus drive home.  Comes with the territory.  Did not enjoy it.

And then I took the dog out last night one more time before going to bed.  Billions of diamonds had been tossed across the snow.  That sparkling snow you only see in movies or on Christmas cards.  It was breathtaking.  I tried to capture the firefly in a bottle, but this very short-lived miracle of nature will be gone quickly.

February 2, 2015

From Susan — Looking Back to Move Forward

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I am in the knitting doldrums and patiently ::yeah, sure:: waiting for some yarn deliveries (“Um, John, you may notice a few packages arriving in the next few days…” :) ).  So, when I am impatiently waiting for the next project, I usually drag out some musty old thing that I stopped working on because it was boring or problematic.

Or two musty old things.  One is my Window to My Soul (I admit that I do not understand the name of this one).   It is cute and should be fun to wear next spring and summer, but I am at the point where I am knitting acres of stockinette and getting nowhere.  Plus, there are the sleeves to do as well.

Sally finished hers and it turned out so great, that I am inspired to keep going.  It is mindless, so I drag it around with me.

The other musty, old thing is really old.   A really old thing.  I first mentioned this in September 2009.  It is Dale of Norway 10903.  I have started this multiple times for multiple reasons, but I must really want the darned thing because I keep coming back and giving it another go.  Maybe this is the year to be done with it!!  Yay!!

The problem with working on these two projects is that when my new yarn arrives, I will want to drop them like hot potatoes.  But I kind of hate doing that, especially when 10903 has been waiting for 6 years.

So maybe my new yarn purchases will have to sit in wait until they become old and musty to get any attention! ;)

January 24, 2015

From Susan — Good Grades

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Grades as in “gradient.”  Grades as in school.  Add the two together and you get my latest FO: Song of the Sea!!  My youngest daughter just started back to school (YAY!) and I wanted to reward her good efforts.  She loves cowls, which she calls infinity scarves, so she and I rummaged through my stash for yarn.  Well darn it if the lil dickens doesn’t have fabulous taste…talk about the good news, bad news!  She selected my Miss Babs Yummy Two Toes Gradient Set in color Orion.  Uh, I wanted that!!  Oh, well.

Sally had made Song of the Sea in another Miss Babs yarn we purchased together last fall.  I loved how hers turned out.  I knit the thing rather quickly and before blocking asked Jena to show me one of her infinity scarves so I could compare length.  The one I had knit was 20 inches too short!!!  TWENTY INCHES.  It was 40-something instead of 60!!!!!

I blocked that thing to within an inch of its life with chains and pulleys, and got it to 62 inches.  It did snap back about 6 inches, so now it is 56 inches.  The colors are stunning and I think it turned out:

Song of the Sea, The Long and Short of It

Jena loved it.  Loved.  It.  That’s the good news! ;)

PS – the designer of this cowl just released a pattern for a shawl version and actually mentions the identical yarn that I used — it is called Siren Song and has the same stitch patterns.

January 16, 2015

From Sally — Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Winter’s here and I needed a new hat. Luckily for me, I apparently had planned ahead (ooh, that’s a potentially very bad pun that I hadn’t even intended). When Susan and I were at Rhinebeck, I purchased yarn, pattern, and buttons for Scotty designed by Anne Hanson.

The yarn is Anne’s Better Breakfast Fingering in the Muesli colorway, which is a brownish gray or a grayish brown depending upon the light. What’s wonderful about this yarn, a blend of merino and alpaca, is that the alpaca has been “dehaired.” The result is extreme softness. It feels wonderful.

The only modification I made in knitting was to add an i-cord knot on the top as a finishing touch.

January 11, 2015

From Susan — Ground Hog Day

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I do live in my own version of that great movie — I have made this darn shawl so many times that I feel I am reliving the same knitting over and over!  In this case, it really is a complete redo!  Daughter Laura lost her black Sweet Dreams and demanded asked for another.  Since her birthday was Friday, I thought I should comply. :)

I have sought to eliminate the “hump” on these crescent shawls and was very close with my last one (since edited with my new instructions!).  Maybe 80% there.  So with this one, I went even further and I think I solved it.

The problem is with the garter tab cast on.  It is typically way too short.  You could just lengthen the garter strip, but then the top edge of the shawl would not look like the rest of the edges.  For this shawl, I used a 49-stitch garter tab instead of the 7-stitch in the original pattern, which is described in detail on my Ravelry project page.  98% hump free!!

My goal is to come up with a similar cast on for non-BooKnits shawls — regular “k2, YO” type shawls.  When I do, you will read about it here!

PS – Just to clarify, Dear Readers.  I am still using a garter tab cast on — it just happens to be super long.  The purpose of the extra length is essentially to cut off the center top of the shawl where the hump is and start the shawl itself below the hump.  The red line in the diagram shows the original garter tab cast on; the aqua dotted line is where I start the shawl.

January 4, 2015

From Susan — Both Last and First

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My last FO of 2014 is the first to be blogged about in 2015!  I finished my Roosevelt Cardigan at the end of December, amidst the merriment and hubbub of the holidays.

It was a satisfying knit, with really nice yarn purchased at Rhinebeck this past October. I used Harrisville WATERshed, in color Penstock. I love it. Love, love, love it. It is wooly wool with rich tonal qualities that felt great to knit.  A perfect substitute for Shelter (spun at the same mill) or Jamieson’s Shetland Heather Aran (a yarn by any other name, and I mean ANY other name — it has had many!!).

This sweater started out as Rowe…and part of me wishes I had finished this elaborate, cabled coat.  But, it had “issues” (for the way I wanted it) and I did not feel like fixing the issues.  So, I embarked on a different design.  Roosevelt has many projects on Ravelry that were beautifully completed.

Roosevelt Cardigan

The show-stopping feature of this design is the pocket treatment:

I bound off the back neck with I-cord so the strong line at the fronts would continue around the back neck:

Then I edged the shawl collar with I-cord to add weight to the collar and match the strong lines throughout.

My thinking was to create an over-sized boyfriend sweater, but alas, I do not seem able to carry off the part of the cute girlfriend!  However, it is a very wearable sweater out of beautiful yarn, that fits as I expected.  Yay!!

PS — Several of you have asked about the collar and if it is deeper than the original.

It may be: the way I did the collar was to only do my short row wraps in the “p2″ sts of the k2, p2 rib, which was every 4 sts.  This changed the number of short rows (the original had more short rows), by 5 = 10 rows of knitting.  After the shawl collar short rows were completed, I continued the ribbing for 3 inches instead of 2.  This would have deepened the collar at the same time, but probably back to the original width.  I bound off with I-cord which also added a small amount of width.

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