July 18, 2014

From Susan — Letters from Camp

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Dear Peeps,

I’m back!  Back into my daily routine.  I thoroughly enjoyed Camp and travelling with my knitting peep Kim.  Surly missed out this year but might go next year!

I spent money like a drunken knitter.  It was crazy!  My knitting funds are now depleted…

I couldn’t help myself.  One of the Campers (Denise of Lost City Knits) was wearing the Scatness Tunic by Kate Davies in Colours of Shetland — so cute!  I could see myself wearing it in so many ways.  I like that it’s not skin tight.  I selected Jamieson Spindrift and had to substitute colors.  As luck would have it, the famous feralknitter is a fellow Camper (Janine) and assisted me greatly!  She is sending me some yarn that was out of stock so I should be able to start this soon.

I have to share another picture.  I went to my knitting group last evening and Jimmy was there with his completed hoodie.  He has been working on it for Y E A R S.  It is not only his own design, but he created the colorway himself by spit splicing colors throughout.  Every few stitches.  All the way along.  We call it his DNA Sweater because the police could surely identify his remains easily with this garment!! ;)

Is he not adorable?

Sincerely yours,

A Happy Camper :)

July 13, 2014

From Sally — Rocky Mountain Hi!

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While Susan went to Knitting Camp, my husband and I drove to Boulder, Colorado to spend time with our daughter and her husband.  We’ve rented a house in Nederland, a small town in the mountains above Boulder.   We are just off the Peak to Peak Highway.  (Yes, we are very close to where almost a dozen people have been hit by lightning in the past few days.  Yikes!)

I hope to get a lot of writing and knitting done; I’m close to having at least one F.O. to share in a few days.

In the meantime, I needed to wind a skein of yarn.  I can’t imagine a more picturesque view for ball winding!

July 8, 2014

From Susan — Getting Ready to Get Ready!

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I am trying to get organized to leave for Knitting Camp on Thursday morning.  I feel like a lazy slug and just want to lay around.  I am motivated by looming deadlines so tomorrow evening will see me in a more frenetic state!  I am going to Camp with my knitting peep Kim (Sally has other plans this year!).

I may not have much to blog about until I return next week! :)

July 3, 2014

From Susan — Progress!!

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I really do love my new sewing machine!  Every time I use the thread cutter, I love it more!  I worked on my dress today and got the binding onto the bodice.  It should be easy sailing from here!

I will have less time to sew and knit for the remainder of the weekend.  Somehow I got talked into TWO holiday dinners for the 4th!  I am not one who thrives on entertaining but I will buck up and do my hosting duties.

Have a great holiday, everyone!

PS – in response to Bekah: the pattern is ancient and very plain.  The tucks in the neckline are not part of the design.  I tried on the bodice and it gapped at the neckline so I added the tucks (and the gathers at the armhole) for a better fit.  I don’t always need to tinker that way but did this go around!  I will add a belt which I usually do as well.

Ebay has it!

PS to Pru: “Never give up.  Never surrender.”
Galaxy Quest

July 1, 2014

From Susan — I’m a Little Biased

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I finally used my new sewing machine and I love it.  Love, love, love.  It is a dream machine.  Yes, there is some getting used to, but it is set up like my other machine in many ways, so it is not completely foreign.

I bought fabric to make a work dress.  I use the pattern often, so each time I try to change things up a bit so the dresses aren’t identical.  With this new version, I decided to use bias tape to finish the neck and armholes edges.  I needed a bias tape maker of a size I did not own and could not find.

The internet came to the rescue!!  DIY Bias Seam Tape Maker!!  It really works!  I already had a super long needle and cranked out my own little package of perfect seam tape.

I hope to have this bad boy wrapped up to wear next week.  OTOH, my knitting is stalled.  :)   Call it the summer doldrums…

June 25, 2014

From Susan — Knitting a Crinkle Top

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Have you ever seen these in a store?

They are absolutely teensy but fit [young, skinny girls] when they are put on.  That is the story of my Window to my Soul.  It looks like a child’s sweater but does fit when I try it on.  The problem is, I am not sure how big it will get when it is blocked.  And it is only the lace section that does this.  The stockinette skirt should behave normally.

I think I have about 3 more inches to go before the stockinette, but who knows??  ;)

June 21, 2014

From Susan — Just Saying “Hi”

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My knitting is slow with nothing to show.  My sewing machine remains a mystery, though out of the box it has not been tested.   I just wanted to say hello :) .

June 16, 2014

From Susan — Après Birthday

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Thanks to all for the birthday greetings.  Surly sent me a JibJab card that said that for a 24-hour period, everything revolved around me:

It was a very nice thought, but not exactly true!  My husband and daughter both worked all day, and the older daughter was away on a trip.  The good news: my dad was in town so we could celebrate Father’s Day and my birthday all in one.  It was very nice.  Except for the part when my brother forgot it was my birthday!!  Bad, Bad Barry!! :)

My husband did “buy” me a lovely birthday gift:

Isn’t he thoughtful?  The Myth: He knew I needed and wanted a new sewing machine.  He spent hours and hours researching, and then combed the stores to find a brand new Janome 3160 QDC.  The Reality: He heard the news as a fly-by report, “BTW, you got me a sewing machine for my birthday!”  “Okay, Hon!”

He did buy the flowers :) .  But, hey.  I would much rather pick out my own sewing machine!!!

June 15, 2014

From Sally — You Know You Want To . . .

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Wish my sister Susan:



Thank you for being the best big sister in the whole wide world.

June 13, 2014

From Susan — A Summer Knitalong!

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As Sally mentioned, I stumbled onto the Window to my Soul summer cardigan and thought it looked both cute and flattering.  I, too, had some Madelinetosh in stash, BUT it is also in the color Cousteau.  I just thought that was too matchy matchy!!  Plus, I have 6 very consistent skeins and saw me making something bigger with it.

So, off to the Yarnery for me!  I purchased some Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering in the color Gwynn Oak.  Oh my.  This color is OVER THE TOP and I love it!!

And here is the best part: I don’t care.  I don’t care that my increases look like crap, I don’t care that the yarn is stripey, I don’t care if the skeins match perfectly.  It is FREEING!   I can just knit a long without a care in the world, especially since Surly shared her smocking tip!

I also have an FO.  I made a small shawlette out of the Shiny Penny (Grinning Gargoyle Seda Sock) that I bought at Yarnover this spring.  The pattern is called Cinnamon Stone by verybusymonkey.  I loved the ornate center wedge:

It was fun to knit and finished up quickly.  Again, kind of an autumnal look for this time of year, but…

Hope you are enjoying spring/summer so far.  Our weather has alternated between gorgeous and torrential downpours.  All better than polar vortex!!

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