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November 19, 2016

From Susan — Say Hello to My Little Friend

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Couldn’t resist the cheesy title!!

I made another Bluebird and stuffed it less:

And then comparing the two:

So, there you go!!

PS to Nancy: I did see that the above photo (with Bird Number Two in a Tree) is now on the Ravelry Pattern Page.  When a designer likes your picture, they can easily ask to use it on their page.  🙂

November 18, 2016

From Susan — Birds of a Feather

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Feeling gloomy?  The Yarnery in St. Paul is having a mini-knitalong this Sunday.  They are knitting a free pattern, Bluebird of Happiness.  It takes very little yarn, very little time, and a little bit of stuffing.  I can’t be there Sunday, so I made mine today:

Really clever little pattern.  I did not read the part about not stuffing the tail so mine isn’t quite like the original.  I may have to knit another!!  Birds have to have a flock, right??

November 11, 2016

From Susan — Apple of My Eye

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Feeling down?  Feel like nothing seems to be going your way?  Me, too.  But I did have a brief respite from my staggering sense of doom this morning.  I made these:

Aren’t they amazing?  And they are super easy.  Baked Apple Roses.

Enjoy!!  I haven’t tried one yet and may buy some cinnamon ice cream to go with. 🙂


November 6, 2016

From Susan — Goin’ Vogue

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For Twin Cities knitters, this is an exciting (and I am almost certain), a once in a lifetime experience.  Vogue Knitting LIVE! brought their road show to Minneapolis this weekend.  My knitting peeps and I stormed the gates right at starting time on Friday at noon.  None of us registered for classes, but we did not want to miss the market.

The registration area: YARN BOMBED!!

Knitters can wait anywhere because we can knit anywhere!

The excitement was palpable as we awaited the opening of the market doors:

The people way up top (on the upper level) were Vogue staffers.  They started a yarn drop – tossing yarn to the crowd below!  I was pelted in the face by a cute skein of Kenzie in color Kiwi.  More on that later.

Finally the doors opened:

There were many vendors and so much to see – it was overwhelming.  Look at this cute display of all the presidents expressed in knitting:

Why does Hillary have Trump’s hair?!?!

Look how cute things were displayed:

I saw the ORIGINAL Lehigh Wrap:

The Plomo was much lighter and the Arco Iris had more green and yellow than mine.  Now I think I like mine better!!  🙂

There was a lot more to see and a lot of inspiration.  We saw Meg and Cully Swansen, and Mags Kandis doing live presentations.  Just something going on around every corner.

I immediately used my free ‘yarn-drop yarn’ to make a pair of my favorite fingerless gloves – Baby Fan Mitts (free pattern!):

I may swing over there again today since I have a 3-day pass (unless I get too lazy).  I realized I won something at the Skacel booth (found the “golden ticket” in my Kenzie ball band) and maybe it is FABULOUS!!  😉 One can hope!!

PS – I did end up going back.  I ran into several knitting peeps.  Here, Linda and I take a quick knitting break:

I also met June Hemmons Hiatt, renowned author of Principles of Knitting.  She was so nice and signed a book plate for me to put in my book.

The prize I won was a copy of the book, Hikoo Sock Puppets.  Okay.  Maybe not worth a trip back, but it was worth it to see so many great people and be re-inspired with some of the stuff I missed!!


PS2: Katy Carroll said one of her designs, Snake River Poncho, was there so she was there in spirit.  I missed it but here it is to enjoy!

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