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April 10, 2010

From Susan — It’s Ba-a-a–ck!

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Here is another picture of my Tea Leaves, showing the buttons and the color a bit more accurately:

This picture shows detail from the back:

The color is nearly impossible to capture!  I did make a small change to the ruching in the yoke: I added 2 rows of stockinette to the second line of ruching, and 4 to the third line.  It seemed way too skimpy as written and would not have come down over the shoulders, which I liked.  I also did a crocheted slip st through the cast on row to firm it up — I got carried away and cinched it up too much and may redo it.

Per custom, I took this FO to my Thursday knitting group — it looked great on Kim and great on Mary!  The sleeves fit them perfectly which confirmed to me that they are ~2 inches too short.  Will I go back and fix them?  Not sure!

April 5, 2010

From Susan — A Long Wait for a [boring] FO

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Hope you had a great holiday.  We spent a lovely day with my husband’s family.  John’s dad is not doing very well and is currently in a nursing home.  My FIL is one of my favorite people and it is hard to see him suffer.  He was able to spend the afternoon at home, which we were all very happy about.  He is frail and may not make it to the next holiday so it was special for everyone. 

On a knitting note:
I realize that not every project can be a masterpiece.  This one falls into the ‘non-masterpiece’ category.  But, it is done and therefore deserves the recognition of a fait accomplis.

Here is my Tea Leaves Cardigan — nothing left to do but let the puppy dry and sew on the buttons.

Tea Leaves Cardigan in Madelinetosh Worsted, Color Kale

Overall Grade: C+
Yarn: C+ (hand-dyed yarns are lovely, but very annoying to work with…pooling, mismatched skeins, etc.)
Yarn Softness: A (it became VERY soft when I wet it for blocking — some would say, too soft 🙁 )
Pattern: B+ (the designer places the buttonholes on the left front, which I changed)
The Fit: ?? (it needs to dry); I think mine will look like it is too big

I was discouraged and almost gave up on this one, but somewhere along the line I decided to finish this as just something to wear — a nice, over-sized cardi that you can throw on to go to the store or walk the dog.   I decided to put buttons along the entire buttonband (instead of just two at the top) and will perhaps put up another picture once they are actually on the sweater.

March 3, 2010

From Susan — The Incredible Shrinking Sweater

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If something does not grow — or rather grows and then ungrows — can we say it is shrinking?  This baby cannot get going!

The pattern is called Tea Leaves and is knit in Madelinetosh Yarn.  The design is meant to highlight the hand dyed color variation and softness, which it really does.  It is a simple pattern, but I can’t get it going!

Tea Leaves shown in Madelinetosh Vintage Worsted, Color Kale

I was well past the point you see here and was ready to split the sweater for the armholes.  But my stitch count was off.  Not just by a stitch or two mind you, but by dozens!  I had missed an entire set of increases which were supposed to be done on the last row of the yoke.  Oops.   

Okay.  Rip back 5 inches of the entire yoke, which represents the back, fronts and both sleeves.  I don’t mind.  My mistake.

Now I am motoring along and actually get past the armholes and notice…a dropped stitch.  Four inches back this time. 

Okay.  Rip back 3-4 inches of the back and both fronts.  I do don’t mind.  My %^^&&*^%% mistake. 

This sweater is supposed to go fast.  I should be done by now!  But, it is hard to keep your mojo when you cannot seem to progress.  I am not back to where I was and am finding it difficult to be interested.  Ugh.

I’ll try to keep slogging, but one more rip may be the end of this one!

PS — Michelle asked, “The pattern said this is knit in the round? Is it steeked?”

The sweater is not knit in the round or steeked.  Only the sleeves are knit the in the round.

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