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August 14, 2009

From Sally — Hats Off

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It’s August in Washington, the month when all knitters’ thoughts turn to hats. What?

For some reason, I’ve been in the mood to knit hats lately. I’ve been working on several — picking them up and then putting them down next to all of my other unfinished projects. Today, however, I finally finished one.

I had the idea of using some of the yarn for my unfinished Kauni Damask sweater (which I still hope to get back to once I decide what I want to do at the neck) to knit a fair isle hat. There is a Selbuvotter mittern pattern I’ve always liked, so I adapted the pattern for a tam. I narrowed and lengthened the main design, removed a few design elements (which made it look like an angry face if you glanced at it wrong), and hoped for the best.

I’m fairly pleased. It’s the first hat I’ve designed and it actually fits. Now, the next problem was how to photograph it. There is something about the color changes that makes the hat look best when you can see most or all of the pattern. (That may be due to the color combination near the ribbing, which is the combination I like the best. That’s why I started with it, but I should perhaps have saved it for the crown. Live and learn. I ain’t reknitting it.)

The other photography issue is the need for a model. I don’t have a Lucy equivalent for hats. The only potential model in the house is my seventeen-year-old son. He refused the job for some reason. Hmmmmm. Not sure it would look too great on my golden retriever. Ther was only one other possibility. Someone quiet, cooperative, and unable to run fast.

So there you have it in all its glory.

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