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January 6, 2011

From Sally — If It Was Worth Knitting Once. . .

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Just a few weeks ago, I bragged that my son had told me his friends loved the gloves I knit for him a couple of years ago. I should have knocked on wood.  Alas, I did not.  Just before Christmas, he lost one of them and now all he has is a sad little survivor. I imagine its twin somewhere on the side of the road, wet and dirty, hoping to be found. I hope it knows it was loved. ;-{

So, of course I am knitting him a new pair before he heads back to college. I set him loose in my stash, where he picked out some Austermann Step Sock yarn. Here is how the first glove looks. I’ve just finished the thumb gusset. The Austermann has longer and less “jazzy” color changes, but he says he likes it so far.

Le sigh.

My other knitting project is for me (don’t act surprised). I was quite taken by Ginevra’s Pullover from the winter issue of Interweave Knits.

It’s knit using two different weights of Malabrigo: Twist and Lace weight. (Just as Susan and I used two weights of yarn in the same color for our Roslin Hoodie.) I chose Damask, a deep dusky pink.

The body is knit from the top down, and then the drapey collar is worked separately and sewn in. I’m just past the waist.

Those more sensitive readers who think Lucy is a bit of an exhibitionist because of her habitual lack of pants and undergarments may want to avert their eyes from the pictures that follow; she looks like even more of a hussy than usual.

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