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April 26, 2009

From Susan — Q: When is a Sweater NOT a Sweater??

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A: When it turns into a vest! 

As already mentioned, my Ode to Joy was a total flop as a sweater.  I believe we can attribute it to a) a gauge problem (?), and/or b) an “I’ve-gotten-bigger-and-have-no-idea-why” problem .  But let’s not dwell on the negative!! 

Anyhoo, the sweater was a disaster, but I was unwilling to let the sweater beat me.  I was also unwilling to re-knit any part of it.  I’ve played way too many rounds of THAT game!  So I removed the offending sleeve and converted it into a cropped vest.  It turned out okay…still tiny but kind of cute:

Ode to Joy Vest by you.

It is still quite damp — when it dries I’ll put it on Lettie for a test drive.  It gained some size with blocking.  When wet, this was the softest, limpest thing I have ever seen!  I really didn’t know if I could shape it properly, but it seems to be okay.  I plan on taking it with me next weekend to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival to look for closures.  I did not make buttonholes — I will do something with clasps or maybe frog closures (?) and have the front bands simply meet in the center.

Finally finished.

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