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March 2, 2011

From Sally — Is Red the New Black Green?

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My son arrived on our doorstep (well, really at the airport but you know what I mean) on Friday.  He was — and this was not a surprise — wearing it.  The green sweater I made him for Christmas.  The one he wears virtually non-stop.  Be still my heart.

I gifted him with his new red sweater, and I can only hope he wears it half as much.  I didn’t see much of him — he was here for a conference, not a family visit, and I was out of town one of the nights he was home.  But just before he headed back to the airport, I was allowed to take a few quick shots of him in his new finery.  They’re not the best shots, and he asked me to obscure his face. But voila:

February 10, 2011

From Sally — Redding Up the House

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If you’re from Pittsburgh, you know that means I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning.  And I have been.  I wish you could all tour my newly organized walk-in closet.  But given my love for the color red, it also means I’ve been knitting with a luscious new (for me) red yarn.

The yarn is Fiberphile’s Super Squish Worsted in the colorway Turkey Hill. This yarn is glorious; I love the color and the feel.  I’m not always a fan of  superwash, even superwash merino.  I just couldn’t resist the color, and in this case being a superwash is an advantage.  The sweater emerging from my needles is another one for my son.  Remember how I knit him a green sweater for Christmas?  Remember how I said he wears it constantly?  Even his roommate found his way to our blog, where he said:

As Sterling’s roommate I see him wear this sweater literally every day. It’s a great sweater and it’s clear he loves it very much. I am astounded at kmkat*. He is a really smart kid and cares alot about the sweater. I am sure he washes it correctly.

Comment by RealizingCollectiveLiberationThroughYarn

(*Kmkat had dared express concern about inadvertent felting in the washing machine.)

Because I needed a mindless and fairly quick project (before Sterling is hazed for wearing the same sweater day after day), I chose Jared Flood’s Cobblestone Pullover. I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked due to some stealth knitting and the aforementioned cleaning.  Nevertheless, I’ve got the body up to the yoke and about half of the first sleeve. I hope to finish it off before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

ETA: I’m not from Pittsburgh, but when I was in college I had several dear friends who were and picked up some of their expressions.

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