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December 12, 2007

From Sally — Betsy Is Born. Just Barely.

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Finishing Ballerina was supposed to mean I could knit what I wanted, but that’s not entirely true. I’m very behind on my stealth Christmas knitting, which I can’t blog about until after the holiday. Real freedom won’t come for two more weeks.

Even so, I did manage to start Betsy. As a reminder, here is the pattern I’m talking about:


I’m knitting mine out of Simply Shetland’s Lambswool Cashmere in Red Hot (shade 1294). It’s very cloudy today and I can’t seem to quite capture the color but this is fairly close. I haven’t knitted much, but in an unusual moment of farsightedness, I knit my gauge swatch the exact size of one of the pocket linings. I was so proud of myself. So I have two pocket linings and nothing else. I’m not sure I’ll use those buttons with Betsy, but the colors look great together. I really like working with this yarn so far.

The lower front and back are all in seed stitch; I am going to do the body in one piece because I don’t like how seed stitch looks when it is seamed.

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