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June 6, 2009

From Sally — To Cap It All Off

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First of all, thank you for the outpouring of kind comments on my Cathedral sweater and on my beautiful daughter. No, she didn’t want to keep the sweater. As cute as it looked on her, it’s not her taste. At all. When I finally get a chance to wear it myself, I’ll try to pretend it looks as nice on me as it does on her.

Before she left to go back to the wilds of Colorado, I was able to persuade her to do one more modeling job for me. I knit a Shedir hat for a dear friend.

The pattern calls for Rowan’s Calmer yarn, which I actually used — so unusual for me. I purchased the yarn at Personal Threads Boutique in Omaha (which Susan and I wrote about recently). Shedir is meant to be a one-skein project, but I needed part of a second ball. From perusing Ravelry, that’s a fairly common occurrence. So, if this hat interests you, pick up a second skein. (I was glad I did.) Another solution would be to knit four instead of five repeats of the main pattern, but that could result in a hat that is too small.

I liked the pattern, but knitting with cotton is always hard on my hands. Fortunately, Calmer has much more stretch than most cottons and cotton blends. I did the cabling without a cable needle. If I make it again, I think I’ll switch the right and left twists. There are far more left twists, and I find them less fun to do.

Next up for me: lace weight and beads.

Stay tuned.

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