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February 26, 2017

From Susan — Hat Trick

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Can someone love something TOO much??  John L O V E D the Dala Hat.  Loved.  It.  So much so that he envisioned me cranking these out like a little “Dala Hat factory” for all of his friends!!  He convinced me that two particular people were Dala Hat worthy: 1) the guy who keeps winning the Mora Vasaloppet, and 2) a guy who has skied every Mora Vasaloppet that has ever been.  Okay.  But consider this the world’s biggest favor!!  Unfortunately he only mentioned the one hat prior to me going to my LYS for yarn, which meant a second trip. 🙁

The yarn I used for John’s hat (Arbor) was not only very expensive ($13.25/skein) but also not washable.  I just couldn’t see sending a poor little hat out into the wild that could not survive improper care.  So, I used Rowan Pure Wool Superwash DK (colors Kiss, Navy, and Flint for hat #1, and Clay for hat #2).  I really struggled choosing between the Flint (gray) and the Clay (tan) my first go-around at the shop.  So I ended up making one of each, and preferred the clay.  John’s hat used a clay color, but lighter.

Superwash just doesn’t block as well as regular wool, but wearing a hat stretches out the knitting irregularities so they should look okay when worn.  That’s what I did this weekend instead of going to the Birkie!  The race was cancelled, but John drove up with a buddy for the festivities and to hunt for snow farther north.

February 20, 2017

From Susan — A Horse of a Different Color

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This post is just a quickie update to the one I wrote last week about my husband’s XC skiing antics.  I was shown a free Dala Hat pattern that was just too perfect for my Dala winner.  I used BT Arbor yarn for the hat.  I liked knitting with the Arbor, but when I wet blocked it, the red color ran.  There is slight discoloration remaining right next to the red sts in the hat.  Not very noticeable, but disappointing.

It’s his birthday Wednesday, so this will be a cute little present for him.  The “big race” is supposed to be next weekend (American Birkebeiner, aka “The Birkie”), but the temps have been record breaking in the 50’s and 60’s!!  He is revved up to go, but it may not even happen!  Bummer!

PS regarding the red color: it really isn’t bad enough to bother with.  If red dye starts running down John’s face I may do something about it!! 😉

PS to Caryl — I actually did knit it in one day!  Well, over a 24 hour period with sleep, etc. in there, too!

PS to Marla — Yay!  Go for it and then share your FO on The Rainey Sisters Ravelry Group!

February 15, 2017

From Susan — It’s a Birthday!

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Yes, it is that time again…and that picture again!!  I am recycling (you know: reduce, reuse, recycle!!).

The tiny munchkin in the picture is my lil sissie, Surly.  She is still a tiny munchkin and still my lil sissie.  She is my friend and defender.  She is my confidante.  She also gives me grief from time to time, but that’s okay, because she feels bad afterward and I probably deserved it!  😉

February 14, 2017

From Both of Us with L O V E ! !

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February 12, 2017

From Susan — Bursting with Pride

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Yesterday my DH skied in the 56 km Mora Vasaloppet Cross Country Ski Race and won his age group by 20 minutes!!  Way to go!!  We added another Dala horse to our mantel.  When he finished he said he could have kept skiing but last night he said his legs were sore… 😉

I finished the knitting of my Anguli Cowl.  It is still wet and blocking:

You seam the short ends, which are at the center back neck.  I am 99% positive that the seam will look hideous!!  It’s funny that the cowl looks so wrinkled in the picture but not so in real life.  Hmmm.

PS to Suzan: You are not the only one that likes the snow leopard print!  John gets comments at every race!

PS2 to Kathy: I added a 2-stitch i-cord to the left edge.

PS3: Here is the final cowl.  It looks cute in the picture but it is bulky at the back neck and seems smallish.  Not sure about it… 🙁

PS to Nancy — it’s not really the seam but the bunching of the fabric that makes it bulky.  It’s okay!  I haven’t really worn it for real.  Just on Lettie!

PS2 to Nancy — wore it; loved it!  Very comfortable!

PS to Julie — I love the idea of buttons on the back edge!!

February 7, 2017

From Susan — Take a Breath

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We are in the final lap of winter doldrums!  No snow here but expecting ICE today!  Ish.

I started a small cowl last night to inject something old and something new into my knitting.  It is the Anguli Cowl:

The “old” part is that I am using the leftover yarn from my Leap Year Cardigan.  I thought the cowl would be cute worn with the cardi!!

I am also working on my very own Breathing Space:

My yarn is from Sun Valley Fibers – a merino, cashmere, silk mix.  O, yeah!  I am absolutely loving it.  I finally found a jogless stripe method that I like.  More on that later!  😉


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