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January 28, 2013

From Susan — It’s Me Again

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It is me again, but it is also Lyra again!  I know this will sound strange, but I kind of forgot about my poor Lyra shawl.  I finished it last November right before the wedding and the holidays and then “poof!”  Out of sight, out of mind.

I wanted to make another Lyra from Day 1.  I always felt that it would be a stunning shawl, BUT as a circular shawl, you lose the drama.  When you fold a circular shawl in half to wear it, you hide all of the lace.  So why bother?

So, I decided long ago to re-knit a half Lyra.  I was inspired last summer at knitting camp when a dear friend was wearing her Lyra Shawl – a shawl that she WON!  She had not knit a stitch of it.  Wow.  What a prize it was!

I decided on red and the hunt was on (I have too so many shawls – I kind of need to think about what color I don’t have).  I bought some Fyberspates Scrumptious Laceweight in Cherry – a stunning mix of merino and silk.  The knitting was very satisfying and I love the shawl.

Susan’s Lyra Shawl in Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace, Color Cherry (I used 75 gms or 820.5 yards)

Lyra is Niebling’s masterpiece — complex and highly recognizable.  Like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to knitters.   Unique and beautiful.

January 23, 2013

From Susan — Not. My. Fault.

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I blame Kim.  For all sorts of things 😉 , but this time I blame her for my knitting obsession of the last couple of days.  She sent me a picture of a cute new project from CiD Hanscom for a small project bag

Here is the result!!

My Little Monkey Shines knit in Ella Rae

Yes.  It is a Sock Monkey Project Bag!  My husband said, aren’t you over those yet??  Yes.  But it’s a Sock Monkey Project Bag!  It was fun to make and putsy to finish (which you can tell by looking, I’m sure).  I am going to line it when my fabric arrives from Amazon:

Here are some more pics:

You use plastic needlepoint canvas to give it its shape.  They make circles so the bottom was easy to do.  I think this would make a good holder for a ball of yarn.  Fun and cute, with very clear directions though I really think it needs to be lined.  Nice little project!

PS: To Mary Lou

Sock Monkey Ball Gown Minnesota State Fair


January 20, 2013

Frm Susan — B-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R!!

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For those of you who live in California and have been hand wringing over 55 degree weather, step aside.  🙂  It is truly bitter cold here right now.  The wind picked up yesterday to blow in an arctic air mass and it is C O L D…15 below wind chills.

Here is a quick and cute neck warmer if you need one during this cold snap: Wham BamThank You Lamb Neckwarmer.

I used one skein of Berroco Borealis and large needles (Sz 13?, 15?).  It knits up in a evening – so start knitting!! 😉

PS – I actually gifted this one.  It was a belated Christmas present.

PS2 – It’s much colder today!! 🙁

January 13, 2013

From Susan — The Big One

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Sally and I joke about this nickname for me — “It’s the big one we don’t like.”  BUT, I just added a simple, free pattern to Ravelry and thought I would share it with all of you.  The Biggest Cowl Ever.

The ‘Biggest Cowl Ever’ in Loops and Threads’ Dewdrops, Color Smokey Quartz (71 yds/85 gms, 5 skeins, sz 13 needles)

See?  Big.  Really big.  But I wear it and love it.  It sparkles!  My daughter had a cowl like it from a store so I borrowed the concept. 🙂

I wore it with my coat yesterday in the killer windchill and did not bother to wrap it around my neck, but wore it long.  It was really warm!

You can subtitute other bulky yarns or hold two yarns together.   Anyway, it knits up in a couple of evenings and is a fun fashion forward accessory to add to your wardrobe!!

January 7, 2013

From Susan — Downtrodden Abbey

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We joined 7.9 million viewers to watch the Season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey, again amazed by the grandeur of the home and the splendor of the fashions.  My hubby and I laughed at what our house would be named: Dumpy Abbey did not sound quite classy enough, so we settled on ‘Downtrodden Abbey’ to describe the grand mess of our home and the squalor of the fashions.  🙂

A compilation of some great Lady Grantham quotes:

January 3, 2013

From Sally — Buttoned Up

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Yes, there are still two Rainey Sisters in case you were wondering. Sorry I have been so absent.

As you may recall, in one of my last posts, I was trying to decide whether to use some lovely glass buttons on my Burr cardigan. The problem was that I feared they were too heavy. Despite repeated attempts to convince myself that they were fine, they weren’t. Many of you offered opinions and suggestions. One was to use grosgrain ribbon to reinforce the button band. The problem here is that the button band is unusually wide — I didn’t think I’d find ribbon that would work well. So the beautiful glass buttons are now in a bowl looking beautiful, and a different set of buttons from my button stash are now in place.

This cardigan fits very well, and I am pretty pleased with it. I made it using a modified bottom up contiguous method, so that the set in sleeve was knit in as I went along. It was an interesting experiment, and I think I’d definitely try it again. It required a little thought to plan out, but the actual doing was relatively simple.

I have a silk scarf that goes well with this cardigan (shown in the last photo). I’ve had it a long time — I bought it at the same time that our signature Rainey Sister photo was taken.

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