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November 6, 2009

From Susan — The Long and Winding Road

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Every [knitting] journey begins with a single [stitch] step and this looks to be a very, very, very L.O.N.G. journey indeed!!  Perhaps this is why I have been putting off the first step [stitch]??!!??

It will be a long journey from the above to this:

Dale of Norway 10903 in Daletta

I am using the yarn called for (Daletta) and started this project on US 1 knitting needles.  The pattern calls for Size 2, changing to 3s after the bottom band.  I typically knit tighter than most so I was very surprised to have to go down a needle size to get close to Gauge.  I say ‘close’ because we all know how elusive and fickle The Gauge can be.   I am also making size medium.  Yes, laugh.  I have not been a medium since I exited stage left from the womb.  However, Dale must have a unique sense of style because their “medium” is everyone else’s XL or XXL.  I feel so petite!!

The sweater has a very traditional style: boxy, drop shoulders, etc.  I thumb my nose at all of you with your perfect figures and your skin-tight, shapely knitting!  I will continue to dwell in the past like other old farts who can’t get past the era of their youth!  Take that!!

And I am sure you will all be as sick of this sweater as I am by the time it is finished!

Shameless Self Promotion
I don’t usually advertise my knitting classes here…mostly because we have readers from all over the place who could not possibly be interested…BUT, I am going to make an exception.  I will be teaching a class on the Quincy hat at The Yarnery in St. Paul.  It is a last minute add on to the schedule (it starts November 15!), offered now to give people a chance to finish the hat for holiday gifting. 

The Quincy (featured in Made in Brooklyn by Jared Flood, and available as a pdf download) is a fairly easy project to make but it has some tricky elements, such as provisional cast on, built in i-cord, and grafting both garter stitch and stockinette.  I helped a few Ravelers at Knit Out with their Quincies and thought others might be stumped by the construction.  If you would like to learn more, click here.

We will now return to our regular programming!

Chloe writes, “Let’s see: a RT ticket to Minneapolis, plus overnight lodging would be about $300, plus the cost of the class (not yet known) would probably boost it to around $400.00 plus meals (dollar menu at MickyD’s) plus yarn would make a $500 dollar hat – and I would do it, too, if I had that extra cash, because I love that hat and would love to take a class with you — do you suppose you could visit Sally and teach a class near her — much closer to my home turf. Please!!!!”

My reply, “Let’s see: a RT ticket to Washington, DC would be about $300, plus expenses unless I can fully leech off Surly, subtract what I make an hour teaching – no way would anyone pay me enough to make up for the cost!!!!!!!  I don’t think any yarn shop could afford to pay me $60/hour to teach a hat class!!!”

But thanks for the thought, Chloe!!!

September 18, 2009

From Susan — New Yarn!

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I am so excited — my yarn arrived for this:

10903 by you.
Dale of Norway 10903

My husband looked at the picture and, after a very pregnant pause, said, “That’s a ‘different’ sweater.”  In Minnesota, that means ugly.  Okay, dear, then you don’t have to wear it.  He said the same thing when I showed him the yarn for Henry the VIII.  It was going to be for him, but when I got that reaction, I made it for myself and called her Henrietta!

Here is the yarn kind of laid out like it will be in the pattern:

Dale of Norway Daletta Yarn by you.
Daletta by Dale of Norway

I purchased the yarn from two sources, but I would like to highlight one of them here: Mary Ann Stephens, known as twostrands on Ravelry (who also moderates a group by the same name), is fantastic to work with.  So sweet and accommodating.  When I told her I wasn’t sure about the blue, she put together photos and some yarn samples for me to decide on the color.  She is also notable for her designs — two of which are in the public eye at the moment: Amaryllis Mittens (mentioned in Yarn Harlot’s mitten hunt and now available as a Ravelry download), as well as the Sleepy Monkey Baby Blanket from the Spring 2009 Twist Collective. 

Coincidentally, my knitting peep, Kim, just finished said blanket last night — at least she SAID she was going to complete the very last few sts of i-cord bind off when she got home 😉 .  Small knitting worlds collide.  Mary Ann handles everything Dale, so if you need patterns, yarn, tutorials on Norwegian steeking, help with project questions — she will do it all! 

Anyway, I love the yarn and hope to get to it soon, but as you know I am sewing up a storm and have a deadline.  It is unnerving to have a deadline with such dire consequences: if I don’t get it finished, I’ll be naked.  If I don’t get it right, I’ll look stupid.  No pressure!

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