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November 30, 2014

From Susan — Dining by Knitting Light

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I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.  I made the traditional dinner for my immediate family and everything turned out the best it’s ever been!  The exception was the pecan pie – which I was REALLY looking forward to.  You could not get it out of the pan.  At all.  I tried.  Many times.  That may have been a positive because it kept me from eating the whole thing…somehow I managed to eat plenty!!

How do you like my candlestick warmers??

Actually, that is just how I blocked them!  They look kind of cute like that, though, don’t ya think!!  These are the free Drops pattern called Fjord Rose Wrist Warmers, which comes in many different things (sweater, neck warmer, socks, etc.).  Don’t know why, but I just had to make them.  I used a mishmash of yarns and much larger needles than called for.

Here they are being worn:

Susan’s Fjord Rose Wrist Warmers

I thought they would add a cute knitting element to my store-bought sweaters.  Plus, they ARE wrist warmers and I am getting prepared for the next round of polar vortex weather 🙁 .

Sock Monkey Bag thinks the wrist warmers are the most beautiful, stunning, gorgeous things he has ever seen!!

I think it is love at first sight!!

PS to the Pats — the Sweater Vase was purchased from Crate and Barrel. I saw them in Vogue Knitting and the hunt was on!! Unfortunately, I bought it in early 2012 right after the 2011 holiday season. I do not believe they are still available. :(

PS2: I did a little bit of sashaying with Sock Monkey Bag and my new wrist warmers at knitting last night for Kathy’s benefit!!

November 25, 2014

From Sally — It’s a Får, Får Better Yarn . . .

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I couldn’t resist.

By now, many of you have probably heard of Woolfolk Yarn, which — as their website says — “combines the hand of cashmere with the wear of merino.” They have two yarns: Får, which is a chained worsted weight, and Tynd, a plied fingering weight. I have just finished knitting a sweater using Får. It is heavenly — ultra soft with a slight halo.

The pattern I used is Flet, designed for Woolfolk by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I’m going to show you a few photos, but be warned. This has NOT been blocked. I haven’t even woven in the ends yet (you can see some of them in the photographs.) I’m sharing it now anyway because I haven’t posted in a long time and I am afraid that I won’t get all of the finishing done before I leave for Colorado for Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to wait to share.

I liked the yarn so well that I’ve already purchased more. You can see the “chainette” aspect of the yarn in this photo.

In other news, Susan is the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild’s featured knitter this week. Check it out!

November 20, 2014

From Susan — Proof Positive

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Which is cuter, Foxy or Wolfie?  Impossible to decide!  Friend Kim made both and brought her Wolfie to knitting group.  I brought my Foxy.  Two adorable models graciously agreed to show off their cuteness by showing off the hats’ cuteness.

It is amazing how the ears totally “pop” when the hat is being worn!

November 15, 2014

From Susan — Feelin’ Foxy

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Not me personally.  I rarely feel “foxy” any more.  Sad, but true!  But I do have a Foxy Hat!   Knitting peep Kim brought her finished Foxy to knitting on Thursday and we L O V E D it!  So adorable.

My Foxy

The pattern is okay, but it calls for intarsia in the round, using a shadow short row technique.  I decided to try “Annetarsia” in the round, having just bought the book (Annetarsia Knits: a New Link to Intarsia by Anne Berk).  This simple project seemed the perfect way to explore Anne’s brilliant technique.

It was and it wasn’t.  Going one direction looked fine:

But the other did not:

Ahh, you say.  It looks BETTER.  Yes, it does because I seamed over the ugly.  It looked a mess!  I followed the pictures in the book, but this side looked awful.  Anne Berk is coming to Yarnover next year and I may take her class so I can find out what I am doing wrong. 🙁

So, I am still not a fan of intarsia in the round.  If I make another of these cuties (maybe Wolfie next time), I will knit each half separately and seam them.  Faster and nicer looking.  At least for me!!

November 8, 2014

From Susan — It’s a Honey

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Yep.  Over 17000 projects in Ravelry.  The free Honey Cowl pattern is what one could call “popular.”  This cowl was designed to accentuate the beauty of the Madelinetosh colors, and it does not disappoint!

My Honey Cowl is knit with Tosh DK, color Spectrum (132 gms, 297 yards, cast on 200 sts).  I received this yarn from a good friend (Mary) who had it left over from a project. I was so obnoxious about my lust for this yarn, that she felt compelled to hand it over!

I thought about a number of projects that would work but landed on Honey because it showcases all the color variation in the yarn:

Look at those colors!!  Though an easy pattern, it took me forever — it was very b o r i n g!   Mine ended up being about 6.5 x 39 inches.  It is very pretty and will go with several things.  Yay!  Thanks, Mary!! 🙂

On another note, I would like to share this cautionary tale.   Another knitting peep finished up a beautiful bandana-type shawlette.  Knit it, blocked it, was ready to wear it to work to add a little pop of color to jeans and a shirt.  Unfortunately she had used the MAGIC KNOT (video link) to join two ends of yarn.  It came undone.

I have seen this happen to several knitters on Ravelry and would warn others not to rely on this joining technique in knitting.  It is meant to work when the finished product is held taut, but knitting is not taut!  In its natural state, the yarn is relaxed.  And often a bit slippery.  The very short ends can work themselves apart.  If I use this method (which is rare), I also leave the ends and work them into the knitting.

Luckily I was able to perform a minor surgical procedure on K’s lovely shawl!!

You can see my surgery from the wrong side because of the ends, but hopefully no one can spot it from the right side.

Other than the above I am in a bit of the fall doldrums.  I am working on my sweater coat, which is very slow.  Today I will be volunteering at Fall Fiber Festival at my old high school!  It is very strange to go there…bad memories.  Must forget.

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