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December 8, 2011

From Sally — A Finished Object. And It’s Not a Glove!

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A few weeks ago, I posted about a stole/shawl I had started. After finishing the Foxhall Gloves, I took some time to finish it. It feels as if it’s been a long time since I knit anything but gloves.

The pattern, Rhodocrosite, was designed by Norah Gaughan. It’s one of those wonderful patterns where you don’t need the pattern to work on it; once you’ve finished one repeat, you can just use the work as your pattern. It was the perfect, relaxing knitting I was in the mood for.

I knit it using Rimu, a yarn from New Zealand that is part merino and part possum. My color is Kiwicrush. The shawl blocked beautifully, has a nice drape, and the yarn is soft with a slight halo. I would have preferred it to be a bit longer, but I didn’t think I had enough yarn for an additional full repeat. One of our dear readers had offered me some extra, and although I was tempted I was more tempted to just get it off the needles. Overall, I’m pleased with it. It’s a nice pattern.

November 15, 2011

From Sally — It’s Not ALL Gloves

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Finally, a post about something other than gloves!  (Come on, we know that’s what you’re thinking.)

Sadly, most of our knitting lately has been gloves.  Nothing but gloves.  Even we’re getting tired of knitting and thinking about them.  My other knitting has languished, forlorn and abandoned, in various corners of the house.  I want to work on them, but my time has been limited.

One of these projects is a stole designed by Norah Gaughan called Rhodocrosite. Actual rhodocrosite — the mineral — is a rosy pink in color. If I had known that when I decided to knit this stole, I would probably have raided my vast stash of pink and red yarns. Rosy pink is one of my absolute favorite colors.

Instead, I decided to make it out of a yarn called Rimu. I have (I hope) just enough for the stole; I originally bought the yarn for an oversized scarf. Rimu, which comes from New Zealand, is a blend of Merino (60%) and Possum (40%). Yes. That was Possum. I’m using the Kiwicrush colorway. The yarn is very soft, and is supposed to get a nice halo when washed/wet blocked. We’ll see. First I have to finish it (which means finishing yet more gloves. But that’s enough about gloves for now).

Here is the obligatory in progress shot of my Rhodocrosite stole. It looks rather wavy and “unkempt” — the faggoting really needs to be blocked to look nice.

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