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September 4, 2010

From Susan — Sparkles [The Clown] Likes it Big Time

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I love Sally’s Luiza Shawl and hope to make one as well. Hmmm. Let’s see. How many shawls/shawlettes are in my queue…? Let’s not dwell on THAT.

Especially since I just finished one of them: the Zephyr Shawl by Lauren Scarpo!  This is the shawlette that I wrote about earlier that came in a kit, purchased at The Yarn Garage.  This was a quick and somewhat annoying little knit.  Only annoying until I got used to the yarn and switched to bamboo needles (to go with the bamboo and silk yarn). 

I was able to add 9 of the 10 rows of an additional 6th repeat — this was great because it made the shawl larger and I did not end up wasting this treasure of a yarn!  I did not have enough sequined yarn for the fancy bind off in the pattern, but I wanted the bound off edge to have some heft, so I used Jeny’s Incredibly Stretchy Bind Off.  It did work very well for my purposes, creating a full bodied, stretchy edge for the shawl.

Zephyr Shawl, Great Adirondack Yarns

It goes really well with a couple of outfits I own and will make them seem a little bit newer — a definite plus since my wardrobe is “old and shabby” at best and “rag bag” at worst.  It also is hard to capture the color of the shawl and the sparkle of the sequins, but I hope you get the idea. 

Was it worth the $89??  No, but I am! 😉

Have a wonderful last blast of “summer” before we embark on the new school year.

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