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September 22, 2006

From Sally — Lismore (more Fair Isle)

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As promised, here are some photographs of one of my other Starmore sweaters in progress. This one, called Lismore, is from her book The Celtic Collection. She has reworked it in her three-ply yarn, which is what I am knitting it in. Although the pattern itself has not been changed particularly, she uses fewer colors in this version.

Here is a photograph of the original design:

You can purchase yarn and the necessary amendments to the original pattern here, but you will need a copy of the book.

Anway, here are some photographs of my Lismore in progress. The color looks a bit faded in these pictures for some reason; in person, this is a very striking and rich looking pattern.

I stopped working on it temporarily because I think the large turtleneck called for will be a bit overwhelming on me. I’m deciding whether I want a simple scoop neck with a band or whether I want to keep the ribbing but do more of a stand up split neck.

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