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November 28, 2013

From the Two of Us – Happy Holiday!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

PS from Susan — We had a great time last night with my daughters and new son-in-law.  My hubby had to work at 7 pm, so we ate about 4:30.  We stuffed ourselves!!

When John started to get ready to leave, he packed up a dinner for the person he was replacing (who had worked 7 a to 7 p).  He didn’t know if the guy was heading off to a family gathering or not – several of his co-workers are single men who live alone.   We all helped throw food onto plates and into bags: make sure you don’t forget the pie!

When John got home this morning, he said that the guy WAS one of the singletons who said didn’t think he would be having any Thanksgiving dinner at all.  Wow.  That is what I am thankful for today.

November 26, 2013

From Susan — One for All

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That is my goal: a Hitofude for everyone!  I am starting with myself and my eldest daughter.  Where it goes from there, I do not know!

Surly and I both finished our Hitofudes on the SAME day!  They needed to be blocked and photogged to show up here on the blog.  So there will be a delay in their unveiling.

What I will share is my “Tart-o-fude” which is Hitofude in Madelinetosh Merino Light color Tart.  My favorite Tosh color ever.   My daughter loves this color and the style is perfect for her so I hope she will love it.  I am anxious to get it done, and it should go faster.  She is a size XS.  That is EXTRA SMALL NOT EXTRA LARGE!!  Wow.  What a treat it is to knit this.

We will share our finished Hitos in the next few days amidst the holiday hubbub!

November 18, 2013

From Susan — Your Lucky Day

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Or maybe I should say, it is some family member’s lucky day!  You know exactly what to ask for this year for Christmas (or Hannukah, or a birthday).

Let’s face it.  Knitters are hard to shop for.  We love to spend money on knitting, but others cannot do it for us!  They don’t know what yarn we like, what knitting needles we need, or what books we already have.  Plus, we are E X P E N S I V E to shop for in the knitting arena.

This high end, coffee-table labor of love is the perfect gift because it is:

  1. specific — they can’t blow it!
  2. priced right (~$25)
  3. knitting related
  4. you need it even if you already own it!!

The book is Tudor Roses by Alice and Jade SStarmore.  If you have read our blog for any length of time you know we are both huge SStarmore fans, and have knit an array of their designs.

There are several new designs, but also several omissions: specifically the pièce de résistance, Henry – VIII.  There are no men’s patterns included in the new version.  Oh, well.  Nothing is perfect.

But this comes pretty darn close!

PS – I could not find the reference made as to why they left out the Henrys, but it appears to be because their focus was on the Tudor women.  I think the women were like planets revolving around the Henry-VIII sun, and therefore the king should have been included!  Important in their own right, but primarily remembered in history because of their relationship to him.  And, the sweater is stunning!!

November 17, 2013

From Susan — Knittin’ but not Gettin’

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I feel like the slowest knitter on earth.  I keep knitting on my Hitofude, but it just does not grow — though Lettie DID say that now her boobs are warm and her a$$ is cold!  Lettie sounds like a chronic complainer, but it’s not true.  She just calls it likes she sees it.  Well, not SEES it, but you get the idea.

I am at least a foot taller than the tiny tomatas from Japan that are modeling most of the Hitofudes, so I do need to do more knitting, but this is ridiculous!

The sweater is meant to be cropped, but I prefer a longer sweater to camouflage some of my “assets” if you know what I mean, and I think you do.  When I tried it on, it fit like a dream and I have plenty of yarn (I bought 4 skeins and have not even tapped the 4th).  I am loving this project and will just keep on knittin’.

On Friday, a knitting peep and I shuffled off to Buffalo (MN) and visited a yarn shop called Silver Creek Cabin.  I had never been there before, but I will go back.  It was jam packed with yarn, yarn, yarn.  Cute kits, great buttons, etc.  She had brands I had never seen before — see the website.  We stopped for lunch at a place near my home called Maverick’s  and had a killer sandwich.  Not fancy at all but great food.  Fun day!!

November 10, 2013

From Susan — Sexy Lady

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I wanted to call this post, “My Boobs are Cold,” but Lettie vetoed.  She said that any reference to her boobs (especially in the title) would both demean and objectify her.  I thought it would be funny.  Lettie won.  After all.  They’re her boobs!

I am thoroughly enjoying my Hitofude…but it seems to be progressing at a snail’s pace.  I guess it doesn’t really matter how fast it goes.  It is just knitting after all!

I started out my sleeve section on US 5’s and then thought my gauge was too big, so I started over with 4’s.  Mistake.  Big mistake.  It caused me to have to knit a lot more to get the length I needed to go around my ample upper arms.  So after the ribbing that wraps around the armholes and creates the back neck edge, I switched back to a 5.

There is a decision to be made about the construction of this sweater, and Sally and I split.  In the original version, all the increases (which I just started) are made on the front lace panels.  Another knitter placed the increases throughout.  Sally and I struggled over the decision.  I really don’t think there is a right or wrong answer!  Sally chose the all over increases and I went with the original.  I could just as easily have gone the other way and I think Sally would say the same.

On a different note: yesterday I spent a very pleasant afternoon with two of my knitting peeps.  I had them over for snacks and knitting.  It was wonderful to share time with people who are “of the body.”  Drank the kool-aid.  Whatever you want to call it!!

From Sally:  In truth, I am doing both kinds of increases.  I first did a set of all over increases (which increases the size of the chevrons), but then switched to just doing them on the fronts (which creates wedges of plain stockinette).  So my base chevrons are slightly larger than the original pattern’s, and my wedges won’t be quite as long.  I did that to lengthen out the increases because I know I want my Hitofude to be slightly longer than the original, but I didn’t want the fronts to flare too much.  We’ll see how it works.  I’m on my 10th pattern repeat, and I suspect I’ll need at least 12 to get the length I want.

November 7, 2013

From Susan — Aaaack!

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This is what we woke up to this morning!  Egads!  I was a little worried about the drive because I have a new car and have not tested it on icy roads.  It did okay, but it was not a true test…yet. 🙁

I am progressing on my Hitofude.  Let me just reiterate what Sally already said: this pattern is brilliant in its conception and pure genius in its execution!  It is amazing how it comes together and is super fun to knit.  I highly recommend that you buy 3-4 skeins of a stunning Madtosh Light color and spend the 200 yen ($2!!) for this wonderful design.

I chose Composition Book Grey, which is a mottled gray with purplish undertones.  I love how it looks.  I think mine will fit.  Yay!!  I’ll post some pics when I get it a little farther along.


November 2, 2013

From Sally — Shades of Grey

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I haven’t been knitting much lately, but the other day I was casting around for a new project (don’t you love knitting puns?) and Susan recommended the Hitofude Cardigan designed by Hiroko Fukatsu. One look and I was in — I even had the right yarn: 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Merino Light in the Tern colorway.  NOTE:  This pattern is available in both English and Japanese; the English version is very clear with great photographs.

Hitofude is not difficult to knit but it’s a marvel of simple and effective design. Hitofude means “a single brush stroke” in Japanese, and the cardigan is designed to be knit without ever breaking your yarn. If you had enough yardage (in say a cone), you’d never even have to join a new skein.

Unlike many sweaters, it’s not quite knit from the top down. It’s very clever and therefore fun to knit. The lace pattern itself can be easily memorized in a moment, which makes Hitofude easy enough to be portable or to be worked on while watching television. But it’s never boring.

I’m sharing a few photos of mine in progress. This is raw, unblocked knitting so it doesn’t look great. But I’ve tried it on and it fits me perfectly. I’m so excited about this one!

Susan is making this cardigan also but has been distracted by some other projects. I’m sure she’ll share details on hers later.

In other news, why can’t American broadcasters adopt some Norwegian reality television programming?

PS from Susan – I am totally jealous of how far along Sally is on her sweater!  I am not even done with the sleeve section which is done first.  Between the fact that I am larger than Sally, and have a very compressed row gauge in this pattern stitch, I have a lot of knittin’ to do!

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