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September 28, 2014

From Susan — Scatness is Finito

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We are experiencing a weekend that cannot be matched.  It is “fall” but really feels like perfect summer weather.  It is a gift.  The Yarnery and Darn Knit Anyway are hosting a fall fiber event this afternoon at a farm, which sounds like a great way to knit and enjoy the outdoors!

I finally put in the time to finish up my Scatness Tunic.  The knitting had been done for a few weeks but the finishing work remained.  There is a tremendous amount of finishing to this project…and it is not your standard seaming, etc.  You make buttons (which I had already done), add a fabric or ribbon facing to the front bands, and sew on snaps.  I had to be in the mood to do it!

I enjoyed making this very much.  The yarn is scrumptious: Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift.  The pattern was well written, but like many current patterns, the armhole depth seems skimpy to me and is too late to fix. 🙁

I did the Wheelhouse buttons as described in the book.  I used one inch plastic rings which I knew would show through, so I first covered them with yarn held double and a standard buttonhole stitch:

The buttons are lightweight and super cute!!

I searched high and low for the right braided ribbon, and finding none resorted to fabric.  I had finished the steeks my usual way (twice, but don’t ask!) but at the last minute decided to tuck them under the fabric lining.  I used nylon snaps as suggested in the pattern.  Not sure what I think of them but I am also not sure what would have been better.

I am just finishing up a Scatness Cowl based on the tunic pattern, which I will share later when it’s done.  All in all, a great project and done in time for Rhinebeck!  Woo Hoo!!  🙂

September 17, 2014

From Both of Us — Hmmm

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Susan wrote a brief post about her recent and unexpected trip last weekend to DC to visit Surly.  The post and the comments associated with it have mysteriously disappeared!!  Hmmm. What happened there?

To recap: Susan had a brainstorm last Wednesday to fly out for a short visit, leaving on Friday and returning on Monday (then straight to work ::groan::)!  Friday evening we visited Fibre Space — they were having a special yarn showing with Miss Babs.  We initially were lukewarm to the idea, citing fatigue (laziness) and no need for new yarn (stash overload).  We decided to go anyway and of course succumbed to the wonder that is the marriage of fiber and color!

Hmmm.  Is anyone surprised?

Sally’s purchases:

Sweet Georgia merino silk lace (50% merino, 50% silk) in the color ginger as well as Miss Babs Tarte 4-ply fingering yarn (75% super wash merino, 15% nylon, 10% tencel) in the color Biker Chick…yes, Biker Chick!

Miss Babs Gradient set, 5 small skeins of Yummy 2-ply Toes (100% super wash merino) in the Pegasus color way.  The five colors are from light to dark:  Baham,  Matar, Enif, Markab, and Pegasus

Susan only bought one item: one of the gradient sets from Miss Babs.  She couldn’t figure out why it was called Onion:

With all the other colorways named for constellations and stars, could it be ORION??

Miss Babs Gradient set, 5 small skeins of Yummy 2-ply Toes (100% super wash merino) in the Orion color way.  The five colors are from light to dark:  Rigel,  Mintaka, Bellatrix, Betelgeuse, and Orion (colors captured best in 2nd picture)

Sally’s last purchase is also her current project.  It is truly butter soft.

Miss Babs Sojourn 2-ply (65% cashmere, 35% silk) in the color Lady Bug

The pattern is a gorgeous cowl, called Song of the Sea.  Susan is going to use her Orion gradient to make one.

We ate, we laughed, we watched movies (with handsome leading men 🙂 ) and did some knitting.  Wow.  Good times!

September 7, 2014

From Susan — A Bird in the Hand

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Friend Kim and I picked up our state fair entries last Wednesday.  The comments were thin, and many said, “Keen competition in this lot.”  From what I have read elsewhere, this was a very common comment!!

I also had a chance to take some better pics of my Nightingale sweater.   As I stated before, I cannot take credit for the concept, just its execution.  Jettshin is the creative inspiration and Vintage Purls’ Nightingale socks the catalyst.  This was a saga many years in the making!

I favorited Jettshin’s Nightingale Cardigan almost five years ago (along with over 8,300 others!).  I loved everything about it – especially the colors.  It percolated in my brain for four years.  I kept coming back to it, trying to shape the concept into something that I could knit for myself.  I sought out the yarn over many months – and even toyed with the idea of having it specially dyed for me.  I finally purchased six very well matched skeins of Malabrigo Sock in Ochre, very close to her gold background color.

The blue was elusive.  I bought a gorgeous blue from Sweet Fibers. Too blue. Too dark.  No purple in it.  (Some of you may recognize this as the yarn I am using for my daughter’s second Hito).  Then I bought some Malabrigo Sock in Abril. Too purple.  I finally had the brainstorm to try to find the Purple Soldier Fly that Jettshin had used and found some for sale on Ravelry.  Yay!   Yarn in hand.

Time to start the planning!  Jettshin is a tiny person and her interpretation of the sweater very fitted.  I knew mine would need to be bigger.  Lots bigger.  Positioning the repeats and getting them to fit perfectly around was a challenge, and it took a lot of pondering to get it worked out in my mind.  I then recharted the Vintage Purls charts into Excel so I could manipulate them, and rework them as needed.  I wanted the motifs to end logically, and not have “heads and tails” in awkward places.

I finally cast on in October of last year.  I puttered around with it in between other projects, and was very naïve about the amount of work I had taken on!

Broke every rule with my stranding!  Some floats are carried over 15 sts or more!   There was just too much contrast between the yarn colors – every catch showed.  Otherwise the body of the sweater went well, just very slowly!

I added a beaded lattice to the hem (as well as the cuffs and shawl collar).

I finally started on the sleeves and things stopped going smoothly for a variety of reasons, but I persevered.  My husband would respond to every barrier/frustration with, “Why don’t you just put it away?”  “Are you out of your mind??!!??  If I put it away it will never get done and I would rather cut it up and throw it in the trash than ‘put it away!'”

Am I the only knitter that ever feels that way??  I kept going just so it would not be hanging over my head any more.  I had to get this off my plate.

The other difficult search (which we all know is a pain!!) was for buttons.  I ultimately landed on Czech glass buttons with a blue glaze and floral motif (Susan Clarke GL-689).  I used loops for the buttonholes.

So the saga is complete.  Finito.  Put to bed.              I wonder what will strike next. 😉

September 3, 2014

From Susan — Say Goodbye…

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…to the fair!  Last day at the fair (Labor Day) with my girls!

September 1, 2014

From Susan — “Ready when you are, CB…”*

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“Cut!!”  Yep, ready to cut that steek!  I used my new sewing machine to stitch the steek and it worked like a dream!

My Scatness Tunic is progressing nicely.  I have been off for a few days and have been doing some knitting.  Most people enjoy the great outdoors while on vacay.  😉

I hope the little sucker fits.  We shall see.

This picture shows the colors of the yarn and the crunchy yarny goodness of Shetland wool!  There is a lot of finishing to this project but my goal of being done in time for Rhinebeck seems within reach.

Enjoy the last throes of summer.  🙁

PS – The neck and front bands are done.  Just need to do the I-cord bind off and general finishing work!!

* Cecil B. DeMille “Ready when you are” storyscroll down

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