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May 17, 2011

From Susan — It Ain’t a Snow Cardigan

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But then again, what is?  Sally’s spectacular start on her beautiful cardigan, admired by many, is a tough act to follow!  I have been working on a small entrant into the FO pile: a Braided Glory Capelet. 

In way of a recap: my good friend Kim and her mother, Sharon, are both wonderful knitters.  Sharon accompanied Kim to Yarnover wearing the aforementioned Braided Glory, knit out of Berocco Bamboo Bonsai in a lovely sage green.  She was stalked, lurked upon, pawed and in all ways accosted because of the shawl!  She told Kim she might have to take it off to get some respite from the legion of curious and impressed knitters!  I was one of the first to assault poor Sharon and ended up buying the pattern the very next day. 

The pattern is very cute and creative, but there were a few things I wanted to change: first off, it is not charted.  ::groan::  So, off I went to chart the thing out.  There were several other construction details that I modified.  I also decided it would be a fun class project so I got yarn from Amazing Threads to knit a sample: Nashua Creative Focus Linen.  It knits up beautifully at worsted gauge, and has a very summery feel to it.  Very nice color range, also.  I chose Caribbean for the class sample:

The color is darker than it looks here, and more teal.  This was fun to make and even more fun to tinker with.   It stays right on your shoulders.  I am already well on my way making another — I will reveal that one when it is done.  It is in a rich, more autumnal, colorway.

So, my knitting project is less dramatic, less impressive, but maybe more fun??  😉  And best yet…done!

PS1: Rachel asked, “Susan, I just purchased the pattern and it calls for a size 8 needle. You used 5, 6, and 7. Can you tell me where you changed for the different sizes.  Thank you.”

I started the back on a US Size 7 and thought it looked fine.  When I transitioned to the two fronts, it looked sloppy on 7’s so I went down to a US 6.  When I knit the “fingers” I changed to Size 5 dpns.  I wanted them to be very firm and not stretchy.

PS2: I do not plan on sharing the charts because it is not my design, and I do not want to infringe on copyright.

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