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January 17, 2007

From Susan — A Mini Update

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Hi, all.  Well I did decide to go with Option #1 on Oregon: leave it be.  For those of you who have knit fair isle sweaters designed by A S****more, you know that most of her designs are the traditional “T” shape: the body is knit as a straight tube without shaping and then the sleeves are picked up and worked down.  With a FEW of her designs, she did some minimal shaping at the underarm.  Oregon is the first of this type that I have done.  Unlike some of my idols (Marina and Wendy) I have only made three other fair isles and they were of the traditional type.  So, my lil Oregon will be a hybrid of sorts.

My knitting of the past couple of days is two lace tams — one for me out of lime green Tahki Jolie angora and one that is a shop sample.  More on these when the second is finished. 

I will just say that the yarn I am using for the shop is absolutely scrumptious!!!!!!!!!  It is Sublime extra fine merino (75%), silk (20%), and cashmere (5%).  At my LYS it is $9.50 a skein, but this link shows it cheaper.  I’ve not seen it before — anyone used it?  It is a heavy DK weight.  They call it DK, but it borders on worsted.  Extremely soft.  I mean luscious.  I am using the Sage green and will post a picture when more is done.  These lil tams are my portable project for now.  They are tres easy to carry with.

PS — Wendy finished her black Bohus and posted a picture yesterday.  It is absolutely awe inspiring and makes me want to drop Oregon like a pimply-faced teenager for the hunky college guy!!

PS — I think I had an incorrect link to the Sublime — it showed an Aran weight.  I replaced the link.

January 13, 2007

From Susan — A Long Time Getting Here

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After what seems like a lifetime, I am very pleased to announce that the first pattern of The Rainey Sisters’ line of designs is now available.  It is the Lace Tam and Scarf Set designed by Susan Rainey of The Rainey Sisters.  If you would like to read more about the project details and/or purchase the pattern, click the photo on the right hand side bar.


The pattern has been test knit by other knitters, so I feel confident that it is a project that can be completed successfully by knitters other than myself.  Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to get this into print.


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