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June 8, 2009

From Susan — More Whiskey, Anyone?

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I could sure use a belt!!  Actually, that may not improve my knitting situation much, so never mind!  I have been puttering along on my Whiskey Tunic — making some progress at a drunken snail’s pace:

Whiskey by you.

The Sweetheart Tunic pattern calls for seven repeats of the leaf motif.  I’ve finished seven and am heading for nine: for more length because of my height and because I’d prefer it a bit longer.  I really love this yarn — Reynolds Whiskey.  It is “real” wool but feels a bit softer.  It has very rich color variation and great stitch definition for a lightweight yarn. 

Like all knitting, progress is slow.  I adapted the pattern to be worked in the round and when I get done I’ll be happy I did, though it is a slog doing the front and back together.

PS: Welcome Kym to the blogosphere!!

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