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December 29, 2011

From Sally — Merry Christmas to Him

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Was it just last year that I designed and knit a sweater for my husband? Did that mean I was off the hook (or should I say needle?) this year?

The good news/bad news about having a blog is I can look up when I knit something instead of going by memory. In this case, I had to admit that I made that sweater for him two years ago. Despite getting new gloves in the fall, he wanted another sweater. How could I say no to someone who actually likes wearing my knitting? So, I showed him a few patterns — I wasn’t up for doing too much designing — and he chose Brooklyn Tweed’s Brownstone cardigan. He even liked the color. No decisions necessary. I went out and bought Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in the Woodsmoke colorway.

I started it a long time ago, when Christmas seemed far far away. Then I put it aside until Christmas was bearing down on me like a freight train. I did manage to finish it with time to spare, and he consented to a few photographs this morning. But just a few.

I did no real modifications, other than dropping the short rows done before joining the sweater to the arms, raising the shawl collar opening slightly, and only using one closure (because of the smaller neck opening). The toggle I used is genuine antler horn, and believe it or not I found it at Amazon. He loves it.

PS from Susan — It looks and fits great! My version of the same sweater (in color Nest) is languishing on the needles. I might get it done for the February birthday.

December 25, 2011

From Both of Us — Merry Christmas!

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The long wait is here. Though it feels more like it came lightning fast!! We hope you have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

We each have an FO to share, which we will do this week. Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays!

PS from Susan — Thursday night I finally started to feel normal. Bring on the Christmas bounty!

December 18, 2011

From Susan — Lost Weekend

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Oh my! To get sick the weekend before Christmas is ridiculous! Friday I was hit by a freight train that left me flat for two days. And really set me back during a year that already had me weeks behind! No decorating had occurred. Not. one. thing. So today I feel a little better and launched into it. First on the agenda, I put up my favorite thing about Christmas…my Santa Mantel:

Santa Mantel 001

Today also happens to be our wedding anniversary. One week before Christmas was a lovely day for a wedding– the world was decorated and celebrating! The years since have proven it to be a folly choice: swamped, exhausted, sick of running around and shopping. Not conducive to going out to celebrate. Plus, this year I am still not 100%. So, we may stay home with a movie and nice takeout meal from a restaurant. After 29 years, do you need more than that? Hey, we’re still married and happy so it’s working!!

December 11, 2011

From Susan — A Snail’s Pace

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I love escargot and love the new pattern by the same name: Escargot by Veronica Parsons, Winter Knitty.

I have been trying to knit my oldest daughter a “suitable” hat for weeks now. She is very fussy. The last “order” placed was for something felted to keep her head warm. Since Escargot seemed perfect for her, I wondered how felting would work.


I still could not get it small enough to fit her perfect, but tiny, head. I hope she sees that as a plus for avoiding “hat hair.”

I used Rowan Felted Tweed Aran in tweedy light and charcoal grays. The yarn was way too big. I would love to reknit this in a more suitable yarn for myself.

The picture above was taken fresh out of the wash — I have not sewn down the “swirl.” I highly recommend this pattern: way cute and very fun to knit.

PS: Wendy stated that using Rowan Felted Tweed to felt was a surprise because it is washable and therefore shouldn’t really felt. I looked at the label and thought the same thing. Then I was told at the shop that their sign did not say it was washable. And it did actually fully felted for me. It was just that I was trying to felt something 24 inches down to 20. That is a lot to expect.

PPS — daughter stopped by and saw the hat. She tried it on and does not like it. She does like the Grey Rikke so I guess that is the hat she will have. No more knitting for her – well, at least for a while. 🙁

December 8, 2011

From Sally — A Finished Object. And It’s Not a Glove!

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A few weeks ago, I posted about a stole/shawl I had started. After finishing the Foxhall Gloves, I took some time to finish it. It feels as if it’s been a long time since I knit anything but gloves.

The pattern, Rhodocrosite, was designed by Norah Gaughan. It’s one of those wonderful patterns where you don’t need the pattern to work on it; once you’ve finished one repeat, you can just use the work as your pattern. It was the perfect, relaxing knitting I was in the mood for.

I knit it using Rimu, a yarn from New Zealand that is part merino and part possum. My color is Kiwicrush. The shawl blocked beautifully, has a nice drape, and the yarn is soft with a slight halo. I would have preferred it to be a bit longer, but I didn’t think I had enough yarn for an additional full repeat. One of our dear readers had offered me some extra, and although I was tempted I was more tempted to just get it off the needles. Overall, I’m pleased with it. It’s a nice pattern.

December 4, 2011

From Susan — It’s a Glove World

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Sally called it a man’s world, but man, all I have been knitting are gloves! Sally and I both wanted to experiment with Loft Yarn so I chose to re-knit The Smart Glove in Loft: colors Postcard and Plume:

Lofty Glove

My pictures cannot capture the colors. Postcard is the lighter color. At first you think it’s rather plain, but there is a lot happening when viewed close up. Plume is a color like blackberries, purple and rich. The yarn softens and plumps up when blocked. The only downside about this yarn is that it can break easily. I have read about people whose yarn breaks just pulling it from a pull skein. All yarn of this type and weight is bound to be fragile, though, and I did not have any particular issues with it.

I did not close the fingers because I am sending this off to Sally and she will finish the finger tips once she finds a victim -er- recipient of sufficient knitworthiness. It will be somewhat like Cinderella’s glass slippers, but without the Prince!!

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