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May 7, 2007

From Susan — Peacock Soars! Cough Cough

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I have been so busy admiring Surly’s beautiful knitting I have barely had time to do any of my own!  I have a done a little more on the Peacock Shawl:


This is not the greatest picture but at least you can see the pattern emerging.  Sally assures me that blocking will cure all of its ills. 

Do you ever wonder as you knit a shawl how far along are you?  It is so hard to tell, especially when you have a shawl that starts with rows of 3 sts — to call that a row and count it against the end rows is absurd!  I have put together a tip sheet that shows how to figure out how much knitting you have done, relative to the entire shawl.  It is not heavy math (and I’m sure most of you have or could figure this out if you wanted to), but the tip sheet is included under Susan’s Gallery, nonetheless.  Using my How Much Shawl Have I Knitted So Far tipsheet, I calculated that I have done about 8% of the total shawl.  I don’t know if that is helpful information, or depressing!!

I am also plugging slowly away at my Mitered Tote — no new pics, but here is a picture of the most beautiful thing we have in our yard:


This apple tree is so gorgeous — if it ever goes, we are sunk. 

Take care and enjoy the spring!



  1. Peacock is coming along ‘flyingly’! That apple tree is amazing! We’ve been enjoying the most gorgeous last week and a half — it just hardly gets any better than this (in SW PA).

    Comment by Nancy — May 7, 2007 @ 2:02 pm

  2. The apple tree is magnificent! And so is the peacock. One day, I’m going to find out how to make those “big holes” in my knitting 😉

    Comment by Marina — May 7, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

  3. Well, if I did my calculations correctly, I’ve knit about a quarter of my Cap Shawl. I actually think I’ve probably knit closer to a third because the finished shawl measurement is for a fully blocked shawl; although I slightly stretched mine when I measured, it will stretch much more when it is blocked.

    At least that’s what I am telling myself.

    Comment by surly — May 7, 2007 @ 2:36 pm

  4. Susan- The thing we tend to forget- when we are totally gung ho to cast on- is that shawls get bigger and bigger,
    and slower and slower.
    Are the big holes double yarn overs? Another no-no at Chez Sheriff.

    Comment by Lorraine — May 7, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

  5. Lookin’ good! 🙂

    The apple tree is *beautiful*.

    I got Simply Shetland 2 in the mail today. I am still determined to make your Rosemary sweater!

    Comment by Romi — May 7, 2007 @ 3:13 pm

  6. Very gorgeous!

    Comment by AuntieAnn — May 7, 2007 @ 5:58 pm

  7. What a glorious tree!

    Comment by Michelle — May 7, 2007 @ 6:23 pm

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